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That’s Not My Merkin
is a full-length parody of the ubiquitous That’s Not My… books that every new parent is buried by. Withdrawn from sale after legal threats from the humourless Usborne Books ~ so if I’m not going to sell this, why don’t I let you read it for free?

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24-page comic. £7.00 (Digital version £1)

The third and final new title from me this week is a handmade zine of automatic and accidental drawings ‘made’ by different sorts of transportation and offering a ‘story’ that will take you somewhere unexpected.

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So… why is that picture there?
Well, none of my comics look like this NOW.
The image above is part of a page from a Work In Progress – my first (and probably only) narrative graphic novel, codename: Moon Book.
I drew the second draft of chapter one pre-Lockdown and then the sudden constant presence of my kids around the house meant there was no time to think and plan refinements before writing the final two chapters.
In that time I’ve not felt the urge to carry on… you know why? It’s not how I draw when left to my own devices.
It may not look much like it to anyone else, but I realise now that I was second-guessing myself in an attempt to draw comics the way comics are traditionally drawn for Graphic Novels or Industrial Comics’ product.
There’s nothing wrong with that style (even my clumsy approximation of it) and I have enjoyed thousands of comics made that way in my lifetime. But it’s not how I draw naturally and in my efforts to sit down and make ‘proper’, serious (commercial!) Graphic Novel I was grinding my teeth.
Moon Book will be completed (in 2022 if all goes to plan), but it will be true to my own interests and passions in picture-making.
There’s precious little money in comics compared to the time it takes to make them, so if I only find the energy to make one, it had better be something I enjoy making!

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QUESTION MARKS #5: appropriation

24-page comic. £7.00 (Digital version £1)

This issue is dedicated to collages made from my poor comic collection… will you click the link so they didn’t die in vain?
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PAINFUL: a kind of reply to Pannonica 2
(aka Question Marks #4)

32-page comic. £5.00 (Digital version £0)

When a master of kitchen sink comics like Mr Prollix turns his hand to abstraction, there’s always a nervousness that the results could feel like Nigel Kennedy playing Jazz. I should have known better! Pannonica 1 & 2 were proper experiments with the sort of marks and language Nick can’t usually work with in his exceptional comics.

Pannonica really felt like he was building up some momentum in a new strand of work (I didn’t want the others to stop, because they are of a rare and precious quality, but I was delighted to see him flex different chops at the same time) – and then the time-suck that is 2020/21 hit. No new works from many parent creators. No Pannonica 3. Yet. We live in hope.

Question Marks 4 was meant as a fast and friendly reply to P2 – I had planned to make the same limited number of physical comics and share the pdf freely as Nick had before Easter 2020. Maybe someone else in the comics community would pick up my version to draw over for their own? This could have been a chain comic that went in strange and unpredictable directions.

But… 2020/21… need I say more?

So here is QM4. Late but i hope deserving of your attention.


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