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summit, I did: Head Comics

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Attack of the Demyelinator 29/05/13 Working with ‘The Three Doctors’ I drew a strip to illustrate their article on ‘neuophobia’ in the next issue of that must-read journal, Practical Neurology (well, it’s a must-read for neurologists). It’s a fun project, turning highly technical medical terminology into a visual narrative and although I don’t understand half of […]

sum, where I went: KAPOW!

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KAPOW! convention 19/05/12 I was back promoting the Cartoon Museum again at Year 2 of the Mark Millar comic con. Once again I was too busy getting the word out to see any of the scheduled events (bar the slightly out-of-place, but entertaining  Lucha Britannia. Next year maybe they can get the strolling acts of Circus of Horrors to mingle with […]

sum, where I went: Graphic Brighton 2015

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Graphic Brighton: Drawing in the Margins Sallis Benney Theatre, University of Brighton, 58-67 Grand Parade BN2 0JY 01/05/15 and 02/05/15 Two days of academic talks on the subject of the marginalised voice in comics. Good talks, good chats outside the talks and some good beers after the talks! Friday night’s Gay Manga panel (Emma Vieceli, […]

sum, where I went: Graphic Medicine

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Graphic Medicine at Work Brighton and Sussex Medical School 27/04/12 waiting… …to go into a talk on the relationships between Ethics, Medicine and Comics On a sunny Friday evening, it was a smallish turn out of about 20 with the audience split about 50/50 between people coming from comics and medicine backgrounds. Simple format where […]

sum, where I went: LICAF 2015

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Kendal Redux 01/06/16 After a family outing to the inaugural LICAF in 2013, I missed 2014 but was back as a solo attendee this year. As good as I remembered and with more beer/socialising so less of a write up… Some sketches: Frank Santoro (whose Masterclass Workshop continues to resonate with me today and was […]