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KAPOW! convention

I was back promoting the Cartoon Museum again at Year 2 of the Mark Millar comic con.

Once again I was too busy getting the word out to see any of the scheduled events (bar the slightly out-of-place, but entertaining  Lucha Britannia. Next year maybe they can get the strolling acts of Circus of Horrors to mingle with the crown more effectively?)

The show seemed less busy than 2011, but sandwiched between a couple of other comicy events – London Super Comic Convention and Memorabilia and Memorabilia –  in London and on a grizzly day that may not be a surprise.

Most visitors looked like they were enjoying themselves and there were a lot of cosplayers out, which is entertaining and unsettling (in more ways than one) at the same time.

Sadly, there were fewer young ‘uns passing our table – I think it was less child-friendly than hoped last year and put families of return visits.

Highlights for me were:

  • passing out hard copies of my own That’s Not My Merkin to good reception
  • the many cosplayers in states of semi-dress and dishevelment as the day went on – I particularly liked the Spider-man costume sticking out of a guy’s back pocket for some reason
  • the Punisher I chatted to last year having a Lady Punisher in tow this year (ah, bless..)
  • watching Mighty Mark Stafford drawing pages from his upcoming masterpiece with David Hine – The Man Who Laughs
  • snaffling two issues of Not Brand Echh for 50p each
  • the pub (of course!) – which I had to sadly leave early to get to Battersea where I (even more sadly) watched Chelsea win the Champions League final and deny Spurs a spot in the competition next year

I hope there’s a Year 3 for Kapow! as it’s filling a gap that was glaring until last year, but ticket prices are high and it falls a bit between two stalls trying to appeal to fanboys and real boys. Maybe it needs a spot of tuning…

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