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Attack of the Demyelinator

Working with ‘The Three Doctors’ I drew a strip to illustrate their article on ‘neuophobia’ in the next issue of that must-read journal, Practical Neurology (well, it’s a must-read for neurologists).




It’s a fun project, turning highly technical medical terminology into a visual narrative and although I don’t understand half of the text (or most of the subtext) it seems to make the medically-aware chuckle.

The writers David Bargiela, Thomas Moon and Elisaveta Sokolov are recently qualified doctors with a strong desire to pass on their knowledge in new and interesting ways. Along with their mentor Peter G Bain, they identified comics as an effective medium. It’s been a great experience making the first strip cartoon for such a respected academic journal and plans are afoot for an ongoing series of articles-with-strips.

Look out for these writers if you’re at the Ethics Under Cover: Comics Medicine and Society conference in Brighton this July.

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