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The Drawing Circus
Brighton Fringe Festival 20/05/15

Is it REALLY that long (10 years!) since I last went to life drawing?

And even longer since the last time I drew in charcoal??

Drawing real people in real life is not the same as studying a pose and drawing in ink is NOTHING like using charcoal ~ so off I went to the Spiegeltent: Bosco Theatre for an evening of sketching circus folk.

Turns out they are ‘just’ people in costumes but because there is a story and they hold poses rather than tumble around, it’s just what I needed to (start to) clear off some of that rust. A good looking troupe and a story and some cracking live music to help get the blood pumping while drawing. I loved it and will try to get to their events whenever I can from now on (regular sessions are on Thursday nights which sadly clashes with other commitments so it will be just the odd shows I guess).

Below are a small number of the less embarrassing pictures I made.











TOLD you I was rusty!!

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