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View the ComicPopUp catalogue here

A pop-up shop selling small press comics?

What’s that then?

It’s a one-day pop-up shop selling small press comics… duh!

BRIGHTON Saturday May 13, 2017

part of the Brighton Artists Open Houses festival
(selling comics to comics readers and a whole new audience)
in a family-friendly pizza pub

The Hanover, Queens Park Road, Brighton BN2 9ZB

map here (buses 18, 21 and 23 stop outside)

We have more than 50 great creators offering over 150 individual pieces for your delight and delectation
PLEASE REMEMBER: some of these artists will be at ComicPopUp, but it’s an art shop not a con, so many will only be there in book form!

Live on the day:
SEE how comics are made as the amazing Zara Slattery works on her current project ~ before your very eyes!
THRILL to the experience of making a giant comic with the exceptional cartoonist Jaime Huxtable ~ you’ll be the envy of all your friends when your artwork is combined into an amazing strip on his website!
POSE for your own portrait by Manga greats Inko Ai Takita and Kutsuwada Chie ~ great original art made just for you!

Can’t make it on the day?
For a limited time after the event, we will be able to supply comics by mail order while stocks last, so please ask… but you can always buy direct from the artists below (and get the benefit of seeing any new work they have for sale)

Terri Affleck
Backwards Burd
Rachael Ball
Andrew Barron
• David AJ Berner
Emily Lambert
Freya Lambert
Karis Lambert
Tim Bird
Bounce Comics
• Jack Brougham
Paul Ashley Brown
Warwick Johnson Cadwell
• Francesca Cassavetti
Richy K. Chandler
Katriona Chapman
City Strips
• Dave Crane
Dead Canary Comics
Dirty Rotten Comics
Joe Decie
Rosa Devine
Oliver East
Barry Flynn
Fraser Geesin
• Kevin Gunstone
• Jennie Gyllblad
Rozi Hathaway
Lucy Haslam
• Harleyford Comics
Allan Haverholm
• Gareth A Hopkins
Jaime Huxtable
Inko Ai Takita 
Marc Jackson
Rob Jackson
Kutsuwada Chie
Mad Robot Comics (Matt Hardy and Ed Bentley)
Michi Mathias
Sarah Millman
Simon Moreton
• Ben Naylor
Van Nim
Danny Noble
Douglas Noble
Paul O’Connell
James Parsons
Ed Pinsent
• Pipedream Comics
• Nick Prolix
Paul Rainey
Ken Reynolds/Sam Bentley
• Jenny Robins
Tom Digby-Rogers
Karen Rubins
Simon Russell
Hannah Kate Sackett
Paul Shinn
Martin Simpson
Zara Slattery
Rachael Smith
• Steve Tanner
Jack Teagle 
Natalie Kay-Thatcher
Myfanwy Tristram
Dan White
Ian Williams ‘The Bad Doctor’
Lydia Wysocki

Back issue dealer Lorne Brown has agreed to supply a box of pocket-money comics suitable for young children, so you can buy some reading matter for all the family to enjoy over a pizza.

ComicPopUp is free to enter and free to creators. This is only possible thanks to the generous support of 
Cartoon Museum
Daves Comics
The Belgian Comic Strip Center
Seasons Art Class
Humanoids Publishing
Cass Art, Brighton

Shout outs, too, to the following fine folk for spreading the news:
Awesome Comics Podcast
Down the Tubes
Pipedream Comics
Orbital Comics

ComicPopUp is part of the Brighton Artists Open Houses festival (selling comics to comics readers and a whole new audience) in a family-friendly pizza pub The Hanover, Queens Park Road, Brighton BN2 9ZB (buses 18, 21 and 23 stop outside) map here

We are part of the Hanover House Trail in addition to the main Artists Open Houses listing, so the PopUp will be included on a map that a lot of shoppers follow around the area as well as lots of extended publicity.

Credit card payments accepted. And cash!

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