Roy ~ A Consideration in Comics

20 pages. A5 newsprint.
£2.50 +50p p&p 

  • Roy Lichtenstein became (in)famous for his comic paintings ~ enlarging crudely modified comics panels to wall sized paintings and making millions of dollars in the process.
  • Tate Modern’s 2013 retrospective re-opened the controversy surrounding his unacknowledged use of comic artists’ work and this pamphlet wittily examines the process of ‘appropriation’ in fine art by redrawing images in comic form.
  • Part historical consideration, part satire, Roy is a monochrome comic that plays with the appropriations of Lichtenstein by reworking his paintings back into newsprint comic form and commenting on his work.
  • Roy is intended to start conversations and amuse the comics-literate.
  • For those wanting more, but not wanting to buy the pamphlet there’s a loooong annotated blog pointing out all the references etc here


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