The Marriage of Njord & Skadi
(Once Upon Again #1)

24 – page comic
£5.00 including p&p

A full colour comic, retelling the Norse tale of a giantess who looked for revenge but chose a husband.
Then chose again.
By Jon Mason & Simon Russell.

“A story that feels freshly experimental but with a deeply felt sense of the past.
A rich folklore tale that I adored and can’t wait to see more!”

Tony Esmond, writer and podcaster

“A truly beautiful thing. If you have kids in your life learning about Norse history, if you’re a lover of ancient tales or someone who appreciates well made art, do yourself a favour and check this out.”
Amy Sutton, Bard & Troubadour/Worthing Storytellers

Simon Russell’s evocative art perfectly compliments Jon Mason’s lyrical re-telling of this little-known classic of Norse myth. Simultaneously melancholic and cathartic, it’s a tale that lingers long after the final page has been turned, demanding numerous readings.”
Tim Pilcher, co-author of How Comics Work

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