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margin: 0; position:relative; @media only screen and (min-width: 980px) { } program must have an accredited (by UBC) four year Bachelor's degree in Electrical or Computer Engineering or a closely related field. A list of those colleges follows. You can study intense specialization in a single field. max-width: 1170px; margin:0 0 0 10px; The requirements are not based on your citizenship, but where you received your academic credentials that will most likely form the basis for admission to a UBC graduate program. Canadian high schools; International high schools; Find out how applications are evaluated. .alert-content .alert-message { margin-left:10px; The credentials are awarded jointly by UBC and BCIT. text-align: center; Domestic students make up a significant majority at UBC, comprising 73 per cent of students across both campuses. .info__content { } position:relative; Completion of the requirements for the entire five-year specialization earns an Honours Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology. width: 90%; } /*-->*/. It is recommended that you complete the Chemistry, Math and Physics courses in the first year engineering STT even if you have received UBC credits from AP, IB or A-Levels for these courses. For details on how to submit grades for all of your coursework, including distributed learning courses, visit our submit your documents page. A completed undergraduate degree equivalent to a four-year University of Toronto program with a minimum final-year grade point average (GPA) of B+ (3.3 out of 4.0 or 78%). undergraduate admissions. } Savanna's tips for high school students, as a first year UBC Engineering Student. .info__box { font-size: 150%; See Admission from a Post-Secondary Institution. [CDATA[/* >

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