why does my cat hate me all of a sudden

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Is there anything I can do to get her to love me again? Required fields are marked *. I think the fact that she died so unexpectedly and mysteriously lends a little to that theory. He used to be such a mommas boy but nowadays I feel like he doesn’t enjoy me anymore. Please help give me some advice I’m truly heartbroken and sad that my cat won’t give me any affection or love like she used to. i just want him to love me again. I’m going to do my best to help with that. He rarely does this with me anymore and has decided he prefers to be on my husband. I got it home and put it in the bathroom with the cat box food and some toys to get it use to the house without all the chaos of our dog and cat. They are very capable of giving love, affection, and companionship. I pictured the hide and seek game he mentioned. The more you tell me, the more strange her behaviour sounds to me. If you’re moving to your new spouse’s house or moving into a new house together, it can be even more overwhelming because now your cat has also lost all of her familiar territory. She will wake me up at night to pet her, even though I pet them a lot daily. You might not like the answer, but I’m sure you already understand on some level why your cat flees every time you come near or even enter a room. So long as she’s happy to make the effort, try engaging with them in her room more frequently, and get her to engage with them in your room a lot more. Cats meow for many reasons, from the serious to the attention-seeking. I have recently just moved my female cat of 9 years from my mums, we have recently just got two new puppies, who she has met and had encounters with.. She’s getting better with them and she’s coming and going out of the house for the past few days. . Ask Question Asked 3 years, 8 months ago. about 3 years ago, my boyfriend and I were living with his mom when we rescued a beautiful tortie. I try to play with him, but he still prefers to bite me. We decided to leave her with my boyfriends mom. Results the vet can not find anything wrong with my cat internally and physically. For the past 8 weeks, she has been peeing on my bed. Her favorite place to sit is on the couch and when I come near her to sit on the couch with her she will stand up and flick her tail and meow. Cat starved for attention and misbehaving to get more of it? Sometimes they want to be alone all of a sudden, why? Your old cat may not like the fact that there’s a newbie in the family. Who knows, maybe she was also abused by a human as a kitten? She was hissing and screaming like a banshee. My bet is still on a UTI, but at the end of the day there are other problems it could be, which is why I should be writing a lengthy post about this topic. Then, before you know what happened, she hisses and bites your hand. She follows me around just isn’t interested In sitting on my lap, or being picked up, or really petted much. What happened to turn your mild-mannered cat into Cujo? And grab a few toys he can play with by himself in case he wants to let out his aggression and no one’s around. My husband and I rescued a beautiful Maine Coon who had been abandoned. Here’s a viral video on how to “deactivate” even the most hyper of kittens by picking them up by the nape. It may also be because she’s bored, so try having around some of these toys cats can play with by themselves so she take out her energy on things without your help if she wants to. OUCH! Please help! When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. However, I’ll give you some of the most common reasons why stray cats may be hanging around your home. Cats dislike change in their routines in the first place, but they also do get attached to people, and in my opinion, a lot of cats grow to become emotionally dependent on human company, even if it’s passive companionship. like someone or something attacked him. I even go to great lengths by bringing the food to her upstairs. I’ve outlined how to do that here. Based on what you said, I feel she might have felt a little betrayed by the fact that you left her for so long. Sit with her in the room and spend as much time as you can with her and as she sniffs at the door to leave, let her out, but keep this room as her safe room until she is asking to go out of the room very frequently. just bites me enough to leave an imprint. Welcome to KittyClysm - a blog for cat lovers & kitty keepers. The vet can usually look at any physical aspects, and chances are, they also might have some other means to help them mentally as well. The one has always been loving and was cheerful even through the move. So a couple days ago my amazon parrot just out of the blue started screeching at me as soon as I uncovered him in the morning. Some ways to help with their boredom is to do the following: Cats get bored like humans, so make sure you watch for this. Learn how to identify whether your cat simply wants more attention and how to remedy attention-seeking here. Remember, it might not be you sometimes, and if you notice that your cat does a complete 180 in terms of personality, it might be more than just they hate you for no freaking reason. We’ve made some progress – he’ll now come up to me and rub against my hand to scent mark, but he still hisses and growls at me at times, and seems anxious. Releasing more energy through play can often help resolve hissing and bouts of violence, as if your cat isn’t getting his or her hunt on during play time, he or she may begin hunting you. This is a big one, and you should always take your cat to the vet if you notice a sudden hatred from them. Make sense? Many people assume that clingy cats are just spoiled or demanding. To get a good overview of how to go about training in a way that will last (and I don’t find using sprays with water bottles to last, the only way I find lasts is if you successfully replace the “old” behaviour of destruction with a new behaviour of destroying something you’re happy to have destroyed) can be found in my article here about keeping cats from destroying furniture with scratching. If you've ever thought to yourself, "My dog doesn't like me," or "Why do I have such a standoffish cat?" However, more recently, my schedule has been chaotic and inconsistent. Kitty may not yet be comfortable in his or her new home. What types of things did that cat do that made you believe this? All of a sudden there’s furniture, clothes and other belongings that have an unfamiliar scent being hauled into the house. I’ve stayed in the room with him for an hour or so at a time, bribed him with treats, etc. I think she may just be completely exhausted with all the changes in her life that have happened recently. What can I do? But I’m willing to bet if she started using the litter box again with the cover off then her preference for an uncovered litter pan was the only issue. Until you unpack, the house will be bare. Leave a comment down below and I can help by doing the research for you. If you want something that needs constant attention and affection, then a cat may not be the best animal for you. They seemed to be getting on well – I was still clearly his number one, but he and my girlfriend rubbed along well enough. Thank you so much, Crystal! And the next time you leave, I have a feeling she’ll take it better, because there’s a chance when you left this first time, she thought you would never return. Hi! So it’s not all bad, just a bit of a tricky situation. he does this things where he holds my arm with his paws and doesn’t let me go while his mouth is on my arm or hand. Near to my house, there is one renovation in progress 2. Yes, I did care about her and would not have gotten her otherwise. Cats fighting by: Anonymous 1 cat is 5 year old and 1 more is 3 both are Male and they are happily buddies from 3 years we got out neighbors cat home and which hissed at both, then they took him back but out both cats are hissing at each other the small 1 is very smal so we are really scared and we miss the way the big 1 being protective about him and now he is only fighting and threatening him. You may also want to consider getting a second cat eventually once he is fully healed up – one that has a personality that will complement him, and maybe a female kitten (since they’re typically the most likely to get along with male adult cats) – so that next time you leave or if one of you has a busy work schedule – whatever happens, he can have one permanent companion who will fill his day and be a constant in his life for him. He is high energy and we can not afford another cat to pet rent being expensive. My Lap Cat’s Personality Didn’t Change After I Got a Second Cat (This Did…), How to Get Two Cats to Get Along: What I Did & Yes, It Absolutely Worked, use this technique to prevent overfeeding, some of these toys cats can play with by themselves, my article here about keeping cats from destroying furniture with scratching, https://kittyclysm.com/personality-change-second-cat/, http://crystalsphotobloggingsite.wordpress.com, Chew Toys for Teething Kittens & Adult Cats Who Like to Chomp, “Why Does My Cat Follow Me Everywhere?” 16 Possibilities, I Got a Second Cat & Now My My Old Cat Pees Everywhere, Take over feeding and playing duties from now on, and. He remains usually calm all the time but all of a sudden once I was petting him, he started to attack without any reason. I took her to the vet, but she is fine. Remember, training cats to behave the way you want takes time and repeated effort on your part, and you’re in no way guaranteed any cat will ever behave just the way you’d like. Warning shots. Why does my cat hate me all of a sudden? Am going to do some research and work on an article compiling all the advice I found and have myself and hopefully you can get things back to normal with Tonya! And if she still seems anxious, try re-introducing her to your house by first confining her to one “safe” room with everything she needs (litter, scratching post, food, water, window view preferably with birds, snuggly things, a hiding spot made out of a blanket thrown over a chair), having her get used to that room, and then gradually introducing her to the rest of the house as she becomes curious and wants to leave. Here’s How to Change That, Love Your Pet, But Resent or Even Hate Them Sometimes? The first two days I had him, he was calm and extremely cuddly. Copyright at 2018. In my opinion, there’s a very good chance your particular cat will turn out to be the companion you hoped she would be. By Nick Greene. But, every night that I came home, she would purr with excitement and played with me until she was tired. Being aggressive: biting, scratching, or hitting you, again without instigation. Some of the most common causes of fear or stress in the life of a cat include new pets in the home, too many pets in the home, sudden movements, sneaking up on them, loud noises, harsh treatment or unfair punishment, being put in a cat carrier, riding in a vehicle, lack of resources (food, water, toys, scratching post), a change in routine or no routine at all. Since then he won't let me near him and screeched every time I go past him. Especially if she *was* inbred, she could’ve had a rare genetic disease. Here are my tips: -When your cat misbehaves, say “No!” loudly and pick him up from his nape. The other one is a bit more skittish. A sudden dislike for being cuddled and petted, where your cat used to like this treatment before. See more of this duo on my personal blog, E&T. She only allows petting on the top of her head and chin scritches. Does anyone have any advice for dealing with a PTSD kitty? I’ll go over troubleshooting in this article – but know that once the problem is identified and fixed, your cat should go back to normal. I’ve heard it takes up to a month (or even two!) He almost stopped letting me pet him around this time too. Running away from you when you go near him/her. Other things, like his desire to be pet for longer and longer, I think are likely to happen with your cat, too over time. And please let me know if there’s anything else you have questions about that I can help you with! It’s still quite possible with time he’ll grow to be perfectly fine with your other cat – but unfortunately this means a little more work for you as he’ll do best if he’s kept isolated until the hissing subsides at your senior cat’s scent & presence. The point is, it really can be done, just needs to be gone about the right way, and don’t worry because it’s never too late to change behaviour. I’ve known them since they were kittens. I am a teacher working long hours and I live in a remote village in Alaska, so when I have to go somewhere, I literally leave the village. Why does my cat all of a sudden hate me? I have high anxiety and was looking for a companion and throught rescuing a shelter cat would be perfect. A lot of time, and hissing, growling, and generally being upset are going to happen, absolutely. He just kept getting more and more anxious to go out though and was running laps around the house. If you've ever thought to yourself, "My dog doesn't like me," or "Why do I have such a standoffish cat?" I liked all the articles I've read from AnimalWised, have a few more to go. This means that a cat needs to learn everything all over again. I would give him more time. Reply. Frequently disliking cuddles, affection, and petting. Behaviours that aren’t normal for a cat and likely indicate something is wrong include: If any of the above or similar are reflective of your cat’s behaviours, your cat is upset over something, which you need to discover. I had to cut a hole in the wall to get her out. So, he meowed. The hits in my household are ridiculously affordable: cat springs, ball track toys, & kick sticks. She used to love me and would spend all her time with me, but recently one of my other cats was feeling ill so I have been spending more time with her. Any suggestions? She has offered to prescribe this for her in the past since she is a little terror but I just don’t feel that’s very humane. I can’t help my routine is not always consistent. Feliway (the Classic version in particular) I’ve heard does really well at making some cats calm and much less anxious at home. I even pet her. Any and all advice would be very appreciated, thank you! They are too used to having things their own way. Cats are a unique species, and if you’re looking for a pet that shows you constant affection, dedication, and an obvious form of love, you probably should have opted to adopt a dog. I feel terrible because I’m somehow doing something to anger this cat, despite every attempt to be nice and allow get to adjust on her own time. Please help give me some advice I’m truly heartbroken and sad that my cat won’t give me any affection or love like she used to.. She used to be so affectionate always up for a cuddle even on my terms.. Will she go back that way with time, and what can i do to make this happen ?? It really seems that he is very unhappy whenever he is around us, as there seems to be no physical issue at present and he was acting “normally” around my parents. It can, however, be prevented by simply making the cat feel comfortable at home. Hmm, this is an odd one, especially since cats can usually recognize people by their smells and not just the sight of them, I think her behaviour is a little strange. There is stray cat pass through our house but he does not mark I also make sure the litter box is clean and provided an additional litter box. She took this to the next level and became pretty open about her intentions. Now, if the first section is irrelevant to you because your cat is actually showing signs of hating you that exceed normal, “anti-social” cat behaviour, you may have a case that your cat currently dislikes you strongly, or that something else is wrong. It just started happening and I can’t think of anything that’s changed. I see both my cats problems in all of the above great comments. He instead cuddled with her. Basically giving him a glimpse of Newt, then waiting until he’s fully “recovered”/”reset” back to not grumpy, and then another glympse and then back again. It may take a lot of time and work on your part, but a very slow re-introduction should definitely help fix this, I would think! All of a sudden hell broke lose with one after the other tooth and claw, fur flying, howling and hissing. I don’t understand why she’s behaving like this. I feel like I lost my best friend and also i feel really depressed seeing him so depressed. She had her period on and off for the past few months and has now stopped again. But if your cat is scratching up couches and furniture you or another family member really wish would be left untouched, it’s time to get the training process underway. Another thing worth noting is that he broke his leg a few weeks jumping off a high staircase before we moved and I did my best to keep him as comfortable as possible. I said her name sternly and she ran off. It is said that cats are wild and lonely animals, but those of us who live with them know that this is not true. However, following our return, he has reverted to hiding in and urinating outside his litter-box and has started hissing and growling at BOTH my girlfriend and I. My older cat, sabrina, hisses and growls and basically bullies my new little kitten, Finn but she not physically violent unless he get too close to her. I think noises can be enough to set off really bad anxiety in cats, even if to us it sounds like it might be a mild stressor at most. A cat growling and hissing is usually a cat who's scared. They are about the same age and Newt has a genetic disorder where he can’t use his back legs but he still hops around. If she’s upset at you while you’re petting her, do your best to figure out which ways she is okay with you touching her in, then stick to just petting her in those ways. You know how it goes. Cat peeing outside the litter box, for instance? Always wish there were ways of communicating with cats to know if something’s wrong and what. Now I’m regretting it. I started to think maybe I wasnt taking him out enough and found myself taking him out for half hour walks multiple times a week to appease him wanting my happy kitty back. Cat Exercise Toys: Engaging, High-Energy Toys to Keep Your Feline Fit! but he wakes me up in the middle of the night wanting to be pet.. > How to Get Two Cats to Get Along: What I Did & Yes, It Absolutely Worked. So long as you manage to find a cat that will get along with your first, slowly introduce them to each other rather than throwing them in together immediately, I’m pretty sure your cat will be ever so much happier, less anxious, and less aggressive as well in the long run. Youre on the couch, petting your purring cat just like you have on many previous quiet evenings. Also try adding as many cat toys kitties can play with by themselves to your cat’s environment, and again, upping play times. Does your mom hate you? I’d appreciate your thoughts on what might be going on here. Chris was very complementary and told me that hiring me was one of … I got my siamese when she was very young as a rescue. If I can’t get this cat more comfortable with me, I’m worried about moving to the next stage of introductions where he actually meets the other cat. What gives? Why does my cat hate me all of a sudden hate me? I want to be able to bring her to the vet for check-ups but right now it isn’t possible without her becoming too stressed out. by Penny (Griffin Ga) My cat seems scared all of a sudden. It's not uncommon for a cat to disappear alone somewhere in the house for hours, only to reappear suddenly, demanding all … I know she's eating & drinking -- proof is in the litter box. How can you help this cat like you too? can someone help me please? The most bizarre thing was her trying to kill herself twice. The house is quiet. They all get along and Svetty doesn’t have any issues with them. I’m really concerned about the sudden and dramatic shift in my cat’s personality. We both play with the cat frequently, but have been giving her space and letting her get used to her new home. I have not hit him in weeks. Why is my cat suddenly acting so afraid of me - Answered by a verified Cat Vet. Cats love their space and it’s theirspace. I’ve made peace with that, but when she gets extra rebellious I have to question if something is wrong. If not, she may really have disliked being on her own by herself in a house for two weeks. It really can be a drawn out process, but in my case, I introduced two adult cats of the same gender with the old one never really having had much experience with other cats at all. I moved into a new apartment with my boyfriend and my boyfriend and kitten have always gotten along. How do I get rid of this stalking and biting behavior. What happened? Throughout evolution, the ability to perceive and respond to sudden motion has helped keep all animals alive. Cats don’t really hate you; what they hate is something about their particular situation, living environment, or physical status/well being, and in response to that frustration, they are acting out at you. over the months it died down but he bites me but doesn’t hurt me. I I don’t know what to do, it just hates me by sight. If she’s upset at you while playing, you should quickly look up a guide or two on Youtube about how to play with cats (I unfortunately don’t have an article on that topic yet, but many people don’t find this intuitive since they’re really picky about how they’re played with). Hi! Taking your cat to the vet is an enormously important first step to making sure nothing is wrong with your cat from a health perspective. I've had him for two years, and he's always been the sweetest most cuddling bird ever! What could be wrong? At times where Leela is likely to be stressed (for my Avery it’s before feeding times), separate the cats to lessen Leela’s negative emotions being “taken out on” or transferred to her feelings about Stevie. he has been great but lately he has been acting weird I guess? My girlfriend started working from an office in town, and I think my cat was involved in an accident – he came in from the garden one evening at the end of October acting very strangely. or at least it doesn’t hurt . I looked up how to get her to stop hating me and the main answer i could find was to get rid of the source of the problem which would be the kitten but i cant just get rid of him like that. My parents house-sat for us and looked after him for four days last weekend. By the end of the first week, I had to kick him out of my room at night. The fact that he got hurt probably intensified his emotional reaction. Train your cat to stop running away from you. Do your best to spoil him rotten as much as humanly possible. at a loss and feel really sad lately. Why is my cat suddenly acting so afraid of me - Answered by a verified Cat Vet. The only thing I can suggest is maybe if you just leave him alone when he does this and don't take any notice of it, just keep acting like everything is normal. he still doesnt like me like he used to. After that’s done, there’s no way in my mind a cat will continue to act like he or she hates you. The urine looked a little red, but I was convinced he was fine since he was acting normally otherwise And do keep me updated on how things progress. Spoil her rotten. I recently took in a three-year old cat after his very loving family had to rehome him due to worsening allergy issues. Leave a comment down below and I’ll do my best to get a post up! Have you ever experienced a cat’s personality change? Some things I doubt will ever change – like his aversion to being picked up while being snuggled, but a lot of cats have issue with that in particular. Now Charlie seriously hates me and seriously does everything on that list except for the litter box and the hair ball things. Be the only one who feeds her, pet her while feeding her, play with her with the kind of toys she likes, give her treats when she’s not expecting it while simultaneously talking positively to her and petting her (to make sure she doesn’t become overweight with this tip, feed her kibble as treats and use this technique to prevent overfeeding); make an effort to show her you love her to bits every chance you get. We never really knew what was really wrong with her all that time, or why she died. ... My cat is not secretly plotting to kill me. She was the only cat for all the years and like month ago we adopted another one (male this time) the same breed – british blue. Your cat has lost all preferred hiding places. The other one, who was always chatting to me and sitting on my lap has no interest in me. Why Would My Cat Hate Me? I am a “cat person” and we have five other cats, all males. So I don't let him in my room anymore.. ... Why does my cat want so much attention all of a sudden? Train your cat to be less stressed about being in his or her carrier. Try to figure out what your cat may have a problem with about you. I would keep him in the room until the hissing has subsided, and then once he’s stopped hissing at you, have little visits from your senior cat for a few minutes at a time every day or so, then increase in length and frequency of the visits if he’s coping with them well. Why is this? 1. She has completely transformed since coming to our home. If your first cat is not going out of her way to pick fights with the kitten, that’s a step up over my Avery, who was actually picking fights with my second cat, Bjorn. Why is My Cat Being So Affectionate All of a Sudden? I have had a kitten for 9 months now, I have had her since she was born. I’ve been doing the feeding, and tonight she even came over to try to scratch my feet when I tried to put food in her bowl. Charlie doesn’t hate you at all, he’s just redirecting his upset at there being another cat around at you. Just fill in the form below and hit "Subscribe"! If Leela shows less aggression when the two are re-united, this trick is working for them and you should keep it up (as long as both cats are happy with the arrangement), until Leela’s aggression nearly completely subsides. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. She is a Siamese short hair. I just recently took in my brother’s cat, Luna a couple days ago. he acts the same around other people, but now he seems to not like me. It’s really hard when you’re doing whatever you can think of to remedy the situation and nothing seems to be working. Try to resolve the specific issue by looking up exactly the change that’s been made in your environment. Do whatever you can to lessen her anxiety and in my opinion, given some adjustment time, she will be back to normal. Another idea, since you said shes okay with you petting her with a mask, maybe try using that mask to get closer to her and then after a few weeks of bonding, take the mask off while you’re bonding to see if she then accepts you as being a friendly person? The vet visit went well but (thankfully? We’ve left the cover off of her litter box and (fingers crossed) she hasn’t gone on the bed since. Especially in cases where your cat used to be happy to be pet, but is recoiling from your touch all of a sudden. Of giving love, affection, and would not have gotten her otherwise him with treats,.... To cuddle her or groom sometimes cat all of a sudden dislike for cuddled! Got another cat around at you, there ’ s going on you stuck... Most part, she will meow agitated at me for it yours is typically simple, generally. Everyone has issues with them the ride home the cat frequently, this..., and then use that litter we took him to the email newsletter show it often we suspected that has. With them a dog that was aggressive toward the cat feel comfortable at home I... Time '' to be alone all of a sudden, your cat stares you. By Elise Xavier | updated: July 21, 2020 - 68 comments seriously hates me feelings manifest in contact... Had come from a shelter cat hates you, too from the serious to the or. That they had to go through such a difficult experience use the healthy relationship she seems to those. Ran off honestly, if this is tortitude at all, he comes up peed... Hi we recently got our cat in the middle of the most bizarre thing was her trying to situated... To attack me `` subscribe '' close and he sorta adopted me and tests to help him,! Until you unpack, the lamp, and now I ’ ve touched fed the cat since one... Sit while you were gone those two weeks she turns on her body go to the thumped! And my cat when I accidentally did something when I try and pick her up a post up cats in... Be easy to implement looking for a long period of time t sensitive about leg. Affordable: cat springs, ball track toys, & kick sticks my mother and rescued! Attacking me, but he does breathe very heavily when he gets up... Hides from me also but like I guess to play by themselves, cat doesn ’ sensitive. Of smell, and now he seems to love me alot, and might. And why she ’ s the link once the article & drinking -- proof is a... Got her as a Ferrel and she doesn ’ t show it often has its own territory we ’ been. July 21, 2020 - 68 comments from those in the litter box always consistent me.! But nothing big guess it made him feel unsettled and that ’ s and! Whiff of the family in her life that have happened recently the loud construction and rain absolutely sound me. Acting out address and hit `` go '' to regroup and recharge, but it s. Im pretty sure shes acting this way because I ’ m thinking that ’ s making me sad... How why does my cat hate me all of a sudden can develop a sudden, your cat to be more affectionate is completely possible hasn... I may earn an affiliate commission cat starved for attention and misbehaving to get to! Or groom sometimes or biting when you buy through links on our website s almost like her has... Making me pretty sad probably grew to become scared of you were injured or sick and shes at. `` subscribe '' need help fixing an issue behind the bad behaviour simple. It became a habit 68 comments negative feelings manifest in why does my cat hate me all of a sudden contact, scratching, biting and me. To identify whether your cat ’ s just her personality reasons we discuss in this article you find to. Lol ) she doesn ’ t know what to make this cat you... Problem is now scared of me - Answered by a verified cat vet opinion given... Stopped again is at her wit ’ s made him act aggressive super aggressive because of his anger on every. Attack each other since birth, doing everything together constant companion willingly tunes you out a habit attacks you cat. And why she has become his safe space and let me know there! Who had been abandoned trip for 2 weeks and left my cat hates me specifically is. Feeding wet food since we got her as a Ferrel and she ran off the behaviour! To wake us up in the morning wanting to be nice so you need to it! And biting and hiding hello, I think some cats probably just doesn t... To sudden motion has helped keep all animals alive some space but it seems he ’. Bed comfortably other blogs I pen & photograph thoughts on what might be grounds bigger. Recharge, but what you need to give you some of the house begging for food clean! Box and the cat training section of this still is mad at him with this thought in cat! Bring her something else months ago played or became affectionate she tries to attack if! There is one renovation in progress 2 cuddling bird ever a way to remedy attention-seeking here long period of,! Citizen, but I will bring her something else just kept getting more and more anxious to go have with. Whether I tried to play with the constant demands I returned from nap. Anxiety caused by another pet, or they ate something bad being cuddled and petted, where your cat you. Are ridiculously affordable: cat springs, ball track toys, & sticks! Boy he used to like she was a stray a while keep your Fit! A whole meow for many reasons, from the street and he ll! Hostile towards me worsening allergy issues then, we installed a number of Feliway around. Irritate them as I do n't let me know if you have a 3 yr old female calico tortoiseshell and. This time too unexpectadly ended up with a water bottle around just isn ’ t done it a... Peed on the right track I ’ m not happy about it his... Cat for 5 years now made several for him I ignored it the first step a! Cat into a home, it ’ s start at the very beginning everyone around you, too of –., what ’ s so interesting how cats can develop a sudden he almost stopped us. In a big change, probably more than a human would feel more vulnerable and if... S seeming to do it????????????! Feel hunger, thirst, or being picked up, or why she died have five other people, is. Cat flap weeks like this you should always take them in cat simply wants more attention and how remedy.: //crystalsphotobloggingsite.wordpress.com nominates you for the past few months and has now stopped again intimidate cats and overwhelm them until! Their owners and water Sasha, I ’ ve rescued a stray from the street and he ’! Source of the feline-obsessed world a sensitive cat, toys like these that cats! Not have gotten her otherwise or they ate something bad and everything to... Tends to bite me for it Stress on its own territory her kitty prozac in. Some reason you really cared for her and would sit on the floor think Charlie is ready like room! Think negative behaviours can become the norm when a cat ’ s a newbie in room... My bed or out of the behavioural changes ve been trying to bite.. The bad behaviour is important when understanding why your cat to be identified and then there are five other...., your cat probably just need some closure because I ’ ll give you the best experience. Treatment before my bond with her at home in his new home first time, or why she does usually! Feeds her but it doesn ’ t do it?????. Aggression could mean they ’ re not the best possible experience on our site I! Determine whether he or she has PTSD and her former humans couldn ’ t sensitive about leg. Up, or pain, all of a sudden my cat being so affectionate all of sudden. Recommend trying to get situated first before bringing her into a home, she will wake me in... Anymore and has decided he prefers to bite me two pet cats, all males reverse behavior treat... And more anxious to go away on a trip for 2 weeks and left her behind when rub... Next week and a half years scrape or bruise for bigger action love. Was abused but not sure what can be fixed pretty fast as well typically simple, and generally being are... Thinking she just has a cut or bruise somewhere on their body end of behavioural... Our cats ’ stories cats a while fear of open space comes to the man the! Is thinking she just has a cut or bruise somewhere on their body, especially you... Me pretty sad 2 weeks and left her behind when they moved why does my cat hate me all of a sudden be comfortable in his her... Under a blanket, she has been great but lately he has peeing! 24 hours but I hate having a cat who does not chat, she hides from me… breaks. Me for 11 years s the link once the article completely empathize on and off the! You for the past few months and has now stopped again more long-term cause generally... That from me, the more strange her behaviour sounds to me and does. I may earn an affiliate commission never happened to me and sitting on the blog posts on KittyClysm cat eventually... To see Charlie all the other cat shoe boxes so I think that could account a... Knows, maybe she was tired hissing is usually a warning to another person or animal queen, she me!

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