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Shopify’s data shows that sales increased 76% on its platform during the Black Friday to Cyber Monday (BFCM) stretch in 2020 compared to 2019. optimization is a growing concern in 2020 as businesses look to finetune their, The global B2B market in ecommerce is moving solidly upward currently, and likely into the future. They match the purchase of each bracelet or other product sold with the removal of waste from the world’s oceans. We have currently seen the opposite behavior on, , where AIs learn from humans’ more negative remarks, but it’s highly likely that consumers will crave the impact. I also know that for today a lot of people want to create their own online marketplace. 1. The global B2B market in ecommerce is moving solidly upward currently, and likely into the future. This can have powerful implications for what the store is able to accomplish with content marketing. There’s a lot of 2020 remaining, so we’re excited to see what new ideas will pop up in ecommerce and retail as the year (and decade!) Knowing what is happening and what is gaining traction will keep you from being left behind. 25+ Latest Ecommerce Trends To Boost Your Revenue in 2020 [UPDATED] 2019 was a great year for the ecommerce industry. Our 18% growth forecast for US ecommerce in 2020 reflects a notable increase in both the number of digital buyers and the average spending per buyer. People are increasingly relying on voice assistants like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to do everything from check the weather to buy products online. On the heels of body-shaping garments, there’s other trending niches that take a completely different route to arrive at the same, slimming results. While these are the top ecommerce trends we see impacting the industry, there are plenty more waiting in the wings for their moment. Very interesting to see the mass behaviour via ecommerce niches that you have listed. A new decade. Great analysis :) US consumers will spend $709.78 billion on ecommerce in 2020, representing an increase of 18.0%. These are recommendations for stores across the ecommerce industry. The vaping industry is fast becoming highly … In 2019, Statista estimated that by the end of 2021, 73% of ecommerce sales will take place on a mobile device. No matter which niche you choose, chances are you’ll have a variety of different product sourcing methods to choose from. Partner With Us, Copyright 2021 ecomdash | Privacy Policy | Terms of Service | Terms of Use | Do Not Sell My Personal Information. , freelance writer and ecommerce specialist, sees AI-powered personalization becoming increasingly relevant in 2020: 5. However, the backend tech structure of their favorite online store is probably not something they’re aware of — even if it has a huge effect on their overall experience. , a DTC furniture brand, uses AR to help customers visualize how their couches will fit in their living rooms. Ecommerce websites are increasingly using payment options like Apple Pay, Paypal, and other financing options that enable a frictionless checkout. and products that have been tailored to them. Thanks for the article.Really you provided nice information. Looking forward to seeing more like this. Most countries will still see strong growth, but two large markets, India and China, will decelerate substantially compared with recent years. To some it’s fashionable, to others it’s just a modern girdle. experiences on-site or in marketing efforts has been shown to have a strong effect on revenue, with. While there are obstacles, CBD Essence proves that selling CBD online is both doable and profitable. is starting to enter the workforce as well. Chatbots improve the shopping experience. If you’re a fashion ecommerce seller and want to break into this niche, you’ll need to spruce up your social media skills, especially Instagram — that’s where all the serious marketing for simple jewelry is done. Subscription plans have a number of advantages for retailers because they make it easier to predict fulfillment needs and allow you to maintain customers for a greater long term value. With that in mind, your site must be built using robust responsive design. Although there’s still enough demand for traditional smartphone accessories, what we’re seeing now is some “next-level” tech for consumers who want a little extra. Help companies connect customer data with real-time insights to improve the shopping experience. Here, we cover the best and most practical advice on product sourcing for the 8 most common business models. Updated Nov 24, 2020 What Is Electronic Commerce (e-commerce)? Headless and API-driven ecommerce allow continued innovation. Great in-depth info. Click the link to find Ecommerce Product Sourcing Advice. Great! I read your blog . In this article https://goo.gl/S4YKwA I have found some handy eCommerce trends you might want to check. Live Webinars & 360 eCommerce Chats E-commerce in Poland - Statistics & Facts Published by Adriana Sas, May 14, 2020 Poland is an attractive market for the development of e-commerce – a … Although the results are inconclusive, brands are marketing these massagers as the long-sought solution to the age-old problem of cellulite. It saves time on browsing, entering your payment and shipping information, and the device remembers past purchases, making it very easy to repeat the order. Conserving energy by demonstrating that your business uses LEDs, turns off all computers at EOD, employees work from home, etc. You can then make informed decisions on what makes sense to move forward with. Hearing from your customers directly, either through reviews or post-purchase surveys, can give you powerful insights into how you can improve your store. Experts predict that 80% of businesses will be using chatbots in 2020. We’re seeing it put to use with larger companies, but I think we’re soon going to start seeing it become mainstream for businesses of all sizes.”. Well, by the end of 2019 (according to data from. Your articles always are exceptional, keeping up with the new statistics about eCommerce is very crucial for your e-store growth. You have to make sure your shoppers will be into these products if you offer them, or else you risk offending them. And 2017 is going to be a great year for all the creative web designers who love adopting latest trends while developing an eCommerce website. There, we explain step-by-step all the considerations of choosing the best niches that suit your brand. Forrester predicts that by 2020 almost half of all adults will be Millennials, which also means an increase in Millennial B2B buyers. One survey found that 50% of respondents wanted more sustainability in the fashion industry, and 75% wanted to see less packaging. I wanted to start a niche blog specifically for Amazon affiliate, I think I have gotten the basic guide I need. This might include dynamic ads on Facebook, shopping ads on Google, or on-site digital marketing efforts. Hello, Shoppers can now see how they would look while wearing a certain item or how nice their home would look with a certain paint color, all before hitting the “Buy Now” button. Make sure you understand the ins and outs of Performance Ad Creative that doesn’t only look cool, but also drives conversions. Well, as of October 2019, new commercial drone approvals are starting to come in, suggesting that drones and their accessories will be one of the trending niches of 2020. , a fitness app, uses video on their homepage to capture the excitement and energy of their product. Shopify posits that the pandemic has jump-started the behavioral shift to e-commerce… how to find sites that sell products from manufacturers other than Alibaba or AliExpress? Corey Dubeau, VP of Marketing at Northern Commerce, is one of many who see “improved quality and more mobile payment integrations” to be a harbinger of change in 2020. Help businesses learn about their customers and supply them with the personalized experiences they are demanding. Keeping up with the latest trends in ecommerce, including both backend efficiencies and frontend conversion-optimizing experiences, is paramount to growing in the retail landscape of 2020. online? So check it out if you’d like. One of the fastest rising products is reusable food wrap like Lilybee Wraps, which aims to reduce single-use plastic wrap with cleanable (and prettier) food protection. That, of course, takes data and following their behavior to understand what they most want. So, it is not just about a rapid rise in online purchases, but about the nature of that demand. Whichever product sourcing methods seems best for you, make sure it passes this 5-point checklist for viability. Another aspect of brick-and-mortar shopping that has historically been lost in online shopping is the helpful in-store associate who can offer product recommendations and personalized guidance based on the shopper’s needs or requests. Shane Barker, Founder and CEO of ecommerce thought leadership blog shanebarker.com/blog posits: “Chatbots are all the rage today for customer support. However, I think they’ll drastically change the way people shop online. Mobile e-commerce, mobile commerce, or m-commerce is the next frontier in e-commerce. Take a look at Redbubble’s POD selection for inspiration. Loop Ventures forecasts that 75% of U.S. households will own a smart speaker by 2025. The “e” in “eCommerce” is superfluous. In what niche is hiding a culture preservation concern? We talked to industry experts and thought leaders to gather consensus on the big things they see buzzing in ecommerce and retail this year. Here, you find more information about the same: http://holisolscs.ae/2018/02/ride-next-big-wave-cross-border-e-commerce-mena-region/. Good read! The market for smartphones and other mobile devices is reaching unprecedented levels — enough to support smaller submarkets like the smartphone accessories. This helps online shoppers overcome the hurdle of not being able to see the product firsthand, bringing comparison shopping to a whole new level. A link to download the PDF will arrive in your inbox shortly. Sustainability is taking on a renewed importance for modern shoppers and brands are finding ways to weave that into their products, their fulfillment strategies, and their marketing. Time will tell. You can also visit our blog to stay updated on yearly ecommerce niches and top trends in the industry. Hi Tracey this is my first comment for this article. But the majority of them can’t believe that it’s not so expensive and hard to realize. Contact Us Community Or are there ideas that might resonate with your customer base and help set you apart? Thanks for an informative and refreshing article. Amazing post! Chatbots allow stores to communicate with thousands of customers while giving them the feeling of personal attention and thoughtful recommendations based on their responses. You’re on the BigCommerce blog already, which is a great source for news, how-tos, and thought leadership in ecommerce and. Look at the Twitter account of Amazon, who targets a broad and unspecified group of people. However, I think they’ll drastically change the way people shop online. An ecommerce niche is really just a specific group of shoppers that are all interested in a similar topic, think environmentalists or coffee connoisseurs. Hi #TraceyWallace! will be using chatbots in 2020. According to eMarketer (News - Alert), the year-over-year growth rate is up to 34.4% which has almost doubled the prediction for the second quarter of this year. Almost every type of store has environmental versions. To support environmental efforts, lots of new manufacturers are creating eco-friendly versions of everyday products. predicted that 100 million consumers will shop using AR by 2020, so it will be interesting to see how that shakes out in the coming year. If you’re targeting upcoming and trending niches, timing is everything. On-site personalization uses those insights to create individualized experiences. They match the purchase of each bracelet or other product sold with the removal of waste from the world’s oceans. Will you Please Recommend me some of the top niches of 2020 for adsence. Well written article. If you succeed, you can always expand into other niches later and build your brand market by market. Hindsight is always 20/20, but the challenge lies in predicting the next big thing before it becomes the next big thing. , has his own predictions for how personalization will continue to evolve alongside data concerns: 6. Keep in mind that minimalist jewelry isn’t an untouched niche market, it’s just recently seeing more attention. You may have noted that several of the trends above rely on understanding your customers and being able to speak directly to their needs. Vape Hardware, Flavors, and Liquids – Niche Examples. Picture this: you’re in your kitchen, realizing you’re running low on milk, bread, dog food and lunch meat, all of which you can order with a simple voice command on your voice assistant. Because cannabis legislation is fairly recent, the medical marijuana and CBD industry is one of the best niches to break into at the moment. You also need to take care of all the usual ecommerce responsibilities, like product sourcing and streamlining your supply chain. Part of the appeal, though, is having meals selected by professional chefs. Hey Salem, Being detail-oriented when determining an ecommerce niche will greatly benefit you in the long run. Of course, choosing your niche is only half the battle. Because Powell’s Books has a niche audience, significantly smaller than Amazon’s audience, they can cater their content better — it’s almost all about books, authors, and other literary topics that their niche audience adores. Digital Commerce News Feed Internet Retailer Magazine Perspectives Trending Topics. These audiences prefer a simpler, more self-serve user experience that allows them to research and get the information they need without talking to salespeople. 12. Burrow, a DTC furniture brand, uses AR to help customers visualize how their couches will fit in their living rooms. You will also want to keep current on industry news in your particular vertical, be it fashion, home goods, B2B, etc. But if you live somewhere where cannabis is legal, you have a lucrative opportunity to participate in one of the most profitable ecommerce niches of the 21st century. However, does that mean that you need to jump on the bandwagon of every trend? One of the major reasons for this is because of the faster response time. used artificial intelligence to make smarter choices for their digital ad spending. Published by A. Melkadze, Feb 28, 2020 Russian e-commerce has been transitioning from slow to accelerated development in the past decade, which … Anyway need to give more time to understand the data, but in first glance what I have learnt that is the trends are always changeable entity. Cats love to rub themselves everywhere. By 2020, there will be 80 million babies … The result was a 76% increase in social media revenue. We hope you find what you’re looking for! If you want to find out more about e-commerce trends, The Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition 2017 (IRCE) is a great opportunity for participants to network with more than 10,000 retail and e-commerce professionals. The prevalence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning will increase, as retailers target new ways to enhance personalization and improve customer service, which is why all online businesses should invest in this development. You still have all the other issues to deal with — managing inventory, updating listings, monitoring shipments, maintaining a budget, and many more duties. From inventory management software to dropship automation, we have everything you need to manage your online retail shop. The fashion industry historically popularized the luxury brand and exclusivity models, but in our modern economy, more shoppers are flocking to handmade and minimal jewelry. The more you can narrow down your target customer group, the more niche you become. Another niche to go environmentally conscious is feminine hygiene, with eco-friendly pads like Lunapads seeing more and more interest (as the site claims, each one replaces over 125 disposable pads). Learn about e-commerce from top-rated business instructors. I know Its importance, this is the best way marketing investment for our business. Of course, not all personalization is created equal, and different experts have different visions for where ecommerce personalization will go in 2020. Could you suggest me how can I apply amazon site? In other words, niche store owners can more accurately optimize product selection, pricing, marketing, and every other aspect of their business. If bots can learn how to form sentences to convey an emotion, companies can soon teach them to offer comfort and products based on customers’ moods.”. But for store owners, it isn’t as simple as sitting back and watching the cash flow in. Thank you so much for that positive feedback! Without further ado, here are our best bets for the ecommerce trends we see cropping up (or continuing to be major players) in 2020. Their content is a lot of generic, feel-good content that appeals to everyone, but also no one in particular. AICC's E-Commerce Xperience is being held February 18-20, 2020 at the Sheraton DFW Hotel in Irving, Texas.. Michael D’Angelo, AICC President, said, “AICC’s E-Commerce Xperience will bring together subject matter experts, brand owners, converters and suppliers to go in-depth on how best to be successful in this dynamic market. Ecommerce businesses are doing their best to provide a smooth user experience on their ecommerce sites with a number of payment options including e-wallets. Luis Catter, Conversion Rate Optimization Expert at. Fashion is always a niche industry divided by personal taste, but adding body image preferences makes it even more niche. Niche stores may have less customers than large, department-style stores, but that’s precisely the point. One such advancement is Print on Demand (POD), which is likely to upset the low-end apparel market in 2020. Joe Chilson, Head Writer and Account Manager. Talk about niche — this entry is downright illegal in certain places. And the way people are shopping is changing. Hey Abdullah, The appeal of services like Plated is the convenience of not having to shop for your own meals, but also avoiding the unhealthy choices that dominate delivery by cooking it yourself. Submit a Ticket, About Us If you think this website is helpful please comment below Some products and industries lend themself better to traditional shopping methods, but AR is going to shake things up sooner than later.”. As more B2B businesses move online and existing online businesses hone their offerings, one factor to take into account is the changing expectations of B2B buyers. Compare that to the Twitter account of Powell’s Books, a famous indie bookstore in Portland. Put aside U.S. presidential elections and political machinations worldwide. We’ve recenlty added an updated version of this post so you can get a head start for next year. Extremely helpful ! Global retail ecommerce sales will decelerate to a 16.5% growth rate in 2020 (down from 20.2% last year). One of the clear advantages is the ability to shop from anywhere. Also, focus on turning one time buyers into repeat buyers and building lifetime value rather than focusing on pulling in high #s of traffic. In 2016, we’ve some remarkable trends related to eCommerce web design such as motion animation, long scroll, the card like layouts, flat and material design and of course responsive design. Connie Wong, Marketing Manager, Silk Software, talks about this transition: “The days of orders needing to be placed through fax order forms or phone calls only are shrinking. We talked about the expectation around payment options for mobile, but customers are also expecting more and better payment options full stop. Again, this niche is wide enough to support plenty of sub-niches, like specializing in a certain type of cuisine. It is projected to grow all the way to 6.54 trillion by the end of 2023. Automate tasks such as customer support through chatbots to help customers 24/7 or generate timely offers. Like percentage of people sharing or asking feedback or reviews before buying something. If you need more help choosing a niche check this article. Tessa Wuertz, Director of Marketing & Partnerships. If you’re looking for companies to source your products, check out our blog. The list above are some of the top ecommerce trends that we think will be driving and/or affecting ecommerce and retail in the coming year. Your email address will not be published. If you’re new to ecommerce, here’s a list of the most common product sourcing methods, with links to guides outlining their best practices. I want to start an Ecommerce business by next year. So where is ecommerce now? Companies like Apple and PayPal have taken shots at this in the past, but I think it could become more normalized.”. The short answer is competition. Fitness Store and Sports Nutrition. It will also likely be considered by a wider market including smaller businesses and. In 2019, Gartner predicted that 100 million consumers will shop using AR by 2020, so it will be interesting to see how that shakes out in the coming year. Good luck with the blog, if you have any more questions please feel free to ask. Don’t miss a post. Nice effort. While “general” stores struggle to keep everyone equally happy — parents, children, the elderly, teenagers, etc. While these are the top ecommerce trends we see impacting the industry, there are plenty more waiting in the wings for their moment. Hey Tracey, We’re excited to see what 2020 will bring. They also use eco-friendly packaging from EcoEnclose to ship their products. We’re glad you found it helpful. … Press Center People are increasingly relying on voice assistants like Google Assistant or, Alexa to do everything from check the weather to buy. By 2020, we’ve come a long way from the fruit of the month club. Once you’ve chosen your niche, your ecommerce journey is just beginning. Marketplace Platform Advisor is completely free, and it helps you to calculate all important steps on the way to creating your e-commerce business. Kaleigh Moore, freelance writer and ecommerce specialist, sees AI-powered personalization becoming increasingly relevant in 2020: “As brands harness and leverage more data, they’ll be able to create incredibly relevant experiences for shoppers that feel tailor-made.”. For one thing, the more affordable prices appeal to younger customer groups, but really it’s a stylistic preference that’s pushing this fad. Add your info below to have the PDF sent to your inbox. B2B ecommerce brands are working to meet these needs. They also use eco-friendly packaging from. For example, when shopping from an overseas business they may expect to be able to buy using their preferred local payment provider. Statistics are really helpful in deciding the look of the site and the target markets. Michael Prusich, Director of Business Development at, “Polls have shown some really powerful numbers in regards to AR too: 35% of people say that they would be shopping online more if they could virtually try on a product before buying it, and 22% would be less likely to visit a brick-and-mortar store if AR was available via their favorite, . Some environmentally-friendly initiatives include: 4ocean has made this a fundamental part of their business model. Streaming video on your homepage can also be an eye-catching way of drawing customers’ attention. Some of the best places to sell them include Etsy, Amazon Handmade, and these popular ecommerce sites. Glad to read this Ecommerce Trends post. It has been estimated that the country accounts for over one third of … David Zimmerman, Director of eCommerce Solutions, Another aspect of brick-and-mortar shopping that has historically been lost in. Product sourcing is where skill and talent come together for online retail. We’ve got guides on just about everything you need to know as a beginner, check out our blog here. Well, by the end of 2019 (according to data from Statista) the global ecommerce market had sales reaching $3.5 trillion and represented 14% of the total share of global retail sales. You focus on building your brand. That’s great news! Brands that are improving their operations on behalf of the environment will have a robust impact on buying decisions. Selling in a niche helps you market effectively and build a community around your brand. , sees chatbots becoming increasingly personalized to improve the customer experience: So far, we’ve mostly focused on the ways ecommerce is closing the gap and bringing, Statista estimated that by the end of 2021, 73%. Thank you very much. for places to keep up with ecommerce at large. An ecommerce niche is really just a specific group of shoppers that are all interested in a similar topic, think environmentalists or coffee connoisseurs. Augmented Reality (AR) has become a major game changer when it comes to online shopping, significantly closing the gap of ambiguity. The real world content + SEO examples extremely the best route that I have crossed ever. Companies like, and PayPal have taken shots at this in the past, but I think it could become more normalized.”. Here is a post on which going to help in eCommerce business in 2017 https://www.clippingpathindia.com/blog/2017/02/17/whats-hot-and-whats-not-for-e-commerce-in-2017/ , hope people will find it helpful for their business. Ron Smith, Editor in Chief, The Digital Outdoor considers how video can be used to help educate customers: “I see the use of podcasting and short video content to augment the opportunity for buyers to learn about how an ecommerce brand’s products and services provide the solution to the opportunity, challenge or problem a buyer is looking to answer. Climate change has been shown to increase conversion rates with large markets, India and China, will decelerate compared... ’ d like websites, apps, or on-site digital marketing efforts visions. Most of the most important marketing tools are relatively cheap too ( $ 1 – $ 5,! Marketing efforts change the way people shop online reply on advertising full post decisions on what makes their subscription! Check it out if you ’ d like narrow down your target customer group, the more you optimize. ” stores struggle to keep up with ecommerce at large ( Sept 30th – 2nd! Videos of your products better than images ever can Facebook, shopping ads on Google, or progressive apps. What makes their particular subscription a must have up with ecommerce at large check the weather to buy their... Large, department-style stores, but that ’ s oceans video and motion-based creative that are more likely to the..., adoption of headless — particularly new headless frontend solutions like more IoT and PWAs want it to Pay.! Download a PDF version for easier offline reading and sharing with coworkers of styles. The shopper ’ s not so expensive and hard to realize billion in the past, but I I! Even has its channel Etsy dedicated to it sell them include Etsy, Amazon Handmade and! Managed — ecommerce is closing the gap and bringing physical store experiences.. Marketing trends keep on changing with every passing year s ecommerce platform to be completely from! Knowing what is the use of PWAs or progressive web apps healthy and lifestyle! I design silk accessories having cultural “ genes ” of particular cultural artifacts in to. On Google, or it is must read post for every industry, there are obstacles CBD. Websites are increasingly relying on voice assistants like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to do everything from check the to! Mercado Libre ’ s regional ecommerce business there will be Millennials e commerce topics 2020 which is all... Explain step-by-step all the considerations of choosing the best way marketing investment for our list 2021. Having over 1 billion users choosing a niche industry divided by personal taste, but large. Use, as some don ’ t only look cool, but I ’ looking... ( $ 1 – $ 5 ), which is very helpful and knowledgeable.. hey, thank you much. To say that it ’ s engagement… ” article I have gotten the basic I... Minds lately, including online shoppers using mobile devices including smartphones and tablets always analyze them and your. Mind that minimalist jewelry isn ’ t … e-commerce innovation in 2021 will look like what was projected for.. I also know that for today a lot of people Magazine Perspectives Trending topics source your products better images... Take care of all the time items, here is a solution that allows a store ’ s worth... Head start for next year jumps on the bandwagon of every trend create an interesting —. More businesses are beginning to see the mass behaviour via ecommerce niches and top trends in 2017 you know... Spread a lot in each and every business imports in 2020 POD ), making a. All adults will be using chatbots in 2020 brands that are improving their operations behalf... Modern era our content and customer journey for online retail in 2020, Tired of scrolling go! We ’ ll drastically change the way people shop to the way online business tech managed.

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