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▲▲ Church of San Giovanni in Laterano Grandiose and historic “home church of the popes,” with one-of-a-kind Holy Stairs across the street. So much fun! "My favorite "wow" moment - or, I should say "wow" day was going to Pope Francis' general audience, the Vatican museums, the Sistine Chapel, St Peter's Basilica and having gelato at Old Bridge in between.". ", After fighting for years to get a passport his was my first trip outside the US so I had high expectations. I'm always most impressed with the pantheon but St. Peters is a close second. Loved the old ancient sites of Rome & the tour guides' expert opinions, knowledge, & insights of the ancient sites, art, buildings, areas. It was also fun learning to use public transit. We started with a Rick Steves 7 day tour of Rome then spent 20 more days touring Italy on our own with a Rick Steves Italy book. Used the then current Rick Steves Rome as my tour guide. Not part of the tour but arranged by Lisa was a Papal audience. What else could I ask for? The Rome tour was phenomenal from start to finish! The tour of Rome was wonderful. My friends and family can't believe how close we were to the Pope. "Galleria Borghese and Vatican Museums - based on presentation provided by the local guides!". A breeze was blowing, the sun was shining and a guitarist was plying his trade. We had time to rest and go out each night after the adventures on the tour. I liked the ability to stay at one hotel and see many sites. "Loved the Borghese, in large part because of our local guide, Francesca. The first was in the cab from the airport to the hotel when all of the sudden we turned a corner and found ourselves riding along ancient ruins. "My "wow" moment about he Eternal City was when I saw a Renaissance painting of Rome and the Colosseum was a ruin like it is now. This is my second Rick Steves tour and by far it's the best one. Saw more beautiful things and places than I ever had. Afterward, you'll have a free evening to make your own neighborhood discoveries. Stephanie was excellent and the local guides were brilliang, especially Francesca. "How to pick? Our tour guide was wonderful, our fellow travelers were delightful, the itinerary was the right mix of busy and relaxing and getting to see the holidays through the lense of another culture was priceless. Our local and excellent guide Francesca, pulled us back in time and into the moment as we walked onto the floor of the Coliseum, describing the sounds and sights seen by the crowd, as well as, the gladiators. The tour was fantastic and no waiting time to get in. Ben our guide was such a pleasure. First time on a Steves tour and I must say it was well worth it in terms of the content, tour planning, sights and the guide. Loved the passion of Francesca!". He was knowledgeable always timely with a touch of humor when need to help the group. Franchesa taught us to "read the stones" which helped to paint a picture and envision the splendor of ancient Rome as we toured all the sites of Rome throughout the week.". "How do you choose just one?? Since 1973, Rick Steves has spent about four months a year exploring Europe.His mission: to empower Americans to have European trips that are fun, affordable, and culturally broadening. Not only did Rick Steves guides lead us past the hours long lines throughout Rome. Terms of Service | Privacy, Ancient Rome: The Things That Were Caesar’s, Europe’s Convents Offer Tranquility — and Treats, Experiencing Italy’s Renaissance in Person, Finding Peace in Europe’s Overlooked Sights, John Paul II Sights: Visiting the World of a Modern-Day Saint, Pomp and Consequence: Visiting Europe’s 20th-Century Fascist Sites, There’s No Place like Rome for the Holidays, Tivoli: Still Rome’s Great Escape, 2,000 Years Later, Antiquities and Archaeology "I can't actually pick out any favorite "wow" moment. I completely enjoyed the event, even though I came down with a cold the first night we were together. I feel like I not only had a tour, but learned so much.". Sleep with street noise and no (or weak) air conditioning. Never been a tour person , but this experience with Rick Steve's tours was awesome. "The Borghese Gallery was the icing on the cake at the end of the tour. And my last "wow" moment was seeing the Colosseum at night from above the Colosseo Metro Station on the last night. We visited all the major sites and the pace was brisk but there was also plenty of free time to explore on our own, do some shopping and try restaurants hidden in back alleys. Our tour group was diverse, first rate, and very nice people. Exceeded my expectations. She had great rapport with all the local guides, people at the venues, and the hotel and ensured we got the most out of our time in Rome. Our guide, Ben, was fantastic. I wanted to gripe about taking a cab to the Vatican, but then we would have been deprived the experience of getting into an argument with the cabbie overcharging us and the cabbie police getting on his ass. Loved the thought of walking on the same stone paths as people did thousands of years ago. Our Best of Rome tour went above and beyond our expectations! I loved that they did all the planning and work and all I had to do was show up outside the hotel at the designated time and enjoy our adventure in Rome. Especially liked the owners of Hotel Lancelot. So much to see, take in, digest, appreciate. The best thing is that he is spot on about the prices of getting into the Vatican museum and the Colosseum. "I'm a history and architecture nut, so the first full day at the Forum, San Clemente and the Colosseum was my favorite day. After orientation and transportation lessons, be able to navigate through the city on your own. Franchesca (Last Name unknown) was a tremendous asset in our tours of the Coliseum and the Borghese Gallery. Also loved the night-time stroll the first evening!". We felt a freedom to just experience the grandeur of Rome without having to plan, coordinate, book and then monitor all of the details. The tour structure provided us the opportunity to get to know Rome's history, evolution and culture as a group and allowed for further personal immersion during the ample free time. Visit St. Peter's, the greatest church on earth, learn something about eternity by touring the huge Vatican Museums, ramble among the rabble and rubble through ancient Rome's Colosseum and Forum, savor the sumptuous Borghese Gallery, and take an early evening stroll with Rome's beautiful people. Then we'll tour and hear vivid tales of the larger-than-life Colosseum. Every day was a 'wow moment". "Walking through the coliseum through the gladiator gate and walking through the forum even in the rain. I was safe, well supported and able to fully enjoy the experience. Everything about the trip was exceptional: food, lodging, tours, tour leaders, participants, timing, promptness, sight planning and execution. Steve's tour and they have all been great. Her love of art and enthusiasm in sharing were wonderful gifts also.". But the Borghese Gallery tour was the surprise "wow" moment for me. experience! Karin, our guide, was friendly, knowledgeable and well organized. Anonymous, "Husband - Gelato 3. He is the host of a public television series, and a public radio travel show, and … Given that we were in Italy on this trip a total of 5 weeks (4 weeks of independent travel and 1 week of group tour in Rome), our time with the Rick Steves tour was a special joy! I honestly enjoyed everything with the tour!!! History, art, architecture, food, the current aspects of living as a Roman and Italian. I liked the wide variety of experiences we were able to enjoy such as visiting a 1st century church one day and then walking the local food market and tasting some of the local delicacies the next day. We had free time to explore. I had such a fantastic trip with wonderful tour guides both locals and our tour leader Lisa. This trip was great value for the money and created built-in socialization with each other for the evenings, "Michelangelo's The Pieta in St. Peter's Basilica and all Bernini scuptures, but especially the "Saviour of the World" at St. Sebastian's Catacombs.". I tried things I probably would not have tried. "Found the San Clemente church to be fascinating - the 4th century church underneath and the pagan temple were amazing!". Our hotel was a perfect location. From the guidance in preparation to the connections when we arrived (pre-tour), through the entire week and when we extended beyond the tour. We walked all over town and I feel that I know the layout of Rome as well as my home town. I sure did love that 7 day travel pass for the bus/tram/metro. Our days were seamlessly organized, filled with information, and peppered with authentic experiences. I thought the entire week was planned well relating to sites and scheduling of events. We had crummy weather, but Francesca and Rainer were very calm and handled the variance in schedule beautifully.". I also enjoyed strolling through the narrow, winding streets of the older neighborhoods.". Our Rome "family" was great. The tour of the Basilica di St. Clemente really set the tone for the week in Rome in terms of understanding the ancient history of the city. I have to admit that our group was marvelous. Ben was a great facilatator and always was on top of what we were doing. Bus: 3 hours. The tour was pretty active and we walked miles each day. "There were only highlights so it's hard to pick just one. "The Borghese Gallery and the food tour.". "Walking through the Borghese gardens and grounds after the art tour of Borghese Museum at the villa, then walking up to the terrace overlook- it was our last full day and I looked around- most of us were all enjoying the moment with at least one or two people other than the individual(s) who had been the people we came with- such a sense of newly facilitated friendships and camaraderie had been fostered and facilitated all week, it was easy to feel the love!". I loved Nina, she really cracked the whip. If I go to Rome on my own I will definitely use the same hotel. "Bernini's statues at the bourchese (sorry about the spelling)". Opportunity to experience Christmas in Rome! I don't think anything could have been improved upon. Excellent guides. We really enjoyed the other people on our tour, who became fun and interesting tour companions. It was an unexpected and exciting treat to see the Pope.". "I loved the Borghese Gallery. The Lancelot Hotel is a very nice place as a base in terms of location and gracious hospitality, not to mention the fine meals prepared by Chef Faris. A thoroughly enjoyable hotel. "St. Peter's Basilica. We'll arrive at multilayered San Clemente — a 12th-century church sitting atop a fourth-century basilica and an even older Roman temple. The combination of excellent guides, ease of access and abundance of free time worked very well. I feel there was a great balance of things that we did during the tour. "I enjoyed so many things we did! Nina, Francesca, Ludvica were our delightful guides in Rome & all three were polite, knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. I fell in love with the sculptures of Bernini and Canova.". I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. Rick produces a best-selling guidebook series, a public television series, and a public radio show, and organizes small-group tours that take over 30,000 travelers to Europe annually. The peace of this place will stay with me!". I really cannot say that I would wish any part of the trip had gone differently. Perhaps the biggest wow is that after 7 days I feel I know Rome well enough that I could take someone there and show them the city.". "I am the type of person that would look at something like the Colosseum or the Forum and seen nothing but a pile of old rocks. Enjoyed the guides and fellow travelers very much. We saw some amazing things, but it wasn't until our tour began that we could begin to grasp the true meaning of what we were seeing. We were looking for a way to see truly unique and the "best" of Rome, this tour met that. Organized, professional, friendly! "I have been asked this question by so many and the answer is difficult to narrow down! The best part for me was walking through the different neighborhoods, because it is always the best way to get to know a new place. All extensions were great with the exception of viewing the graffiti run neighborhood.". I really enjoyed the visit to the Jewish Quarter and the synagogues along with the "foodie" tour of Tresevere. "I was ready to be disappointed that we wouldn't be touring Pompeii, but the trip to Ostia Antica gave us a close-up look at life for the average citizen, and was a pleasant escape from the crowds and bustle of the rest of the week.". The tour was a perfect way to be introduced to the many aspects and layers (the lasagna) of Rome. We particularly liked the pacing of the tour, i.e., museums one day with the nxt day being more experiential. I have traveled a bit in Europe in the past and always did my own planning, etc. Thank you. Wonderful guides. Walking into the Colosseum from the tunnel the gladiators used was awe inspiring. Second would have to be the Colosseum which is such an engineering marvel. She made us feel like family as we toured through the city. I really loved the Ancient Rome Day of the tour.". It was our first Rick Steve's tour. 425-608-4217, from $2,295 The museums, basilicas, ruins, art galleries, the Colosseum, Vatican, catacombs, landscape, sea. but really, the whole experience was a wow because we really were part of Rome.". "Hard to pick one but probably the Borghese Gallery tour with Francesca Caruso. Pre-Tour Rome Follow Rick Steves Audio Europe and others on SoundCloud. It brought years of schooling and study to vibrant life and was simply a wonderful time. He was lighthearted, knowledgeable, organized, and fun. Francesca is a treasure trove of fabulous information. From the tours (& guides!!) Surprisingly, the things we did that were not on the top ten to see, where above average! We saw what I wanted to see and do! THe guide for several specific tours, Franchesca, was also excellent. "Walking into St. Peter's Basilica was unforgettable. Tour Questions? Especially surprising was to find ourselves in the Sistine Chapel with just a few other visitors!". I also loved the city of Rome and how the everyday life is lived within and around such unbelievably ancient, striking and significant monuments. Request a CD from them on their tour experience. and seeing the Sistine Chapel. Getting to "travel back in time" to see the separate levels of the building from the different centuries was amazing.". Breakfast is provided, but there are no group activities today. They did. The tour encompassed all I wanted to see & learn about! Packed with indispensable tips and recommendations from AmericaÕs expert on Europe, Rick Steves' Walk: Heart of Rome is a tour guide in your pocket--and on your smartphone. I'm not an extrovert and was afraid I might have to interact too much with people; Salute! to the accommodations & food. It brought to mind the change that has characterized Europe for all its existence. Nice balance of scheduled activities and time on our own. Ben was excellent. I was pleased with the amount of free time we had as well as the sites chosen to see. It felt so good to get out in nature on Thursday and see this phenomenal place. No crowds and great audioguide by the prince. Great command of Italy's history and has a great sense of humor. As this was my first Rick Steves tour, I really have nothing to compare it with. Wonderful time with a very seasoned guide who took excellent care of everyone on the tour. I was surprised that about half the guests were first-timers also. You should be able to climb stairs with your suitcase and get around town walking on tours for several hours. The tour was perfect for us. This was my first tour of any kind and I wasn't sure I'd like giving up the planning of our trip. I was pleased with the quality and knowledge of the guides. We've always done it all ourselves. It was an experience of a life time for me to see Rome. Today we'll venture outside the city, touring the ruins of Rome's first colony, Ostia Antica, the ancient seaport which connected Rome to its ever-expanding Mediterranean empire. We'll meet at our hotel at 3 p.m. this afternoon. We enjoyed the mix of structured and free time. Having a balance of scheduled & reserved tours with free time to see other things we were interested in. Typically we would avoid a group trip but since this was our first experience traveling overseas we decided to embrace the idea. Not an included part of the tour, but we had the AM to ourselves and this was available to us. I survived. (36:16), Rome II: Beneath the Surface Our tour Guide Nina helped create an experience my daughter and I will never forget. Peters. Thank you so much. "The Basilica San Clemente was my "wow" moment. Highly educated and passionate tour guides enthusiastically shared their knowledge and opened our eyes to the many many layers of the Eternal City. around the Colosseum. ▲▲▲ Borghese Gallery Bernini sculptures and paintings by Caravaggio, Raphael, and Titian in a Baroque palazzo. Baked lamb is a favorite (dinner only, €8 pastas, €12-18 main dishes, just off of Via Nazionale at Via del Boschetto 41, tel. Each day was different and we did more than just focus on the high profile ruins like the colosseum. ▲ Victor Emmanuel Monument Gigantic edifice celebrating Italian unity, with Rome from the Sky elevator ride up to 360-degree city view. ▲ The Roman House at Palazzo Valentini Remains of an ancient house and bath. I have long admired these in books and on-line, but to see the delicacy and detail in person was amazing. "Three things stand out: 1: Visiting San Clement Basilica, getting to see the Pope up close and the food tour in Trastevere.". The other was the porchetta. Enjoyed learning about the idea that Rome is a historical "lasagna" and then seeing one example after another.". Not only wow'd us, but our friends back home.". Sitting there in all that spiritual grandeur everything inspiring and so big. It's all excavated and there for us to retrace steps of the ancients. This tour only had two dinners included. Rick Steves Pocket Rome works best for people taking a short trip, or perhaps a return trip, to Rome. Sleep in Rome. One learns about how ancient Romans lived as well as modern Romans which helped when I wandered about. I will do it again!!!! "After our visit to Ostia Antica (where I sat, hidden in the ruins and picnicked alone in the sunshine) we got gelato and walked out on the jetty to view the Mediterranean. "The visit to the Vatican, it's museums, church art, St Peter's Basilica were all amazing. I found the experience both pleasant and educational. Unfortunately, I was astounded by the number of tourists, which seemed to be a human river in the Vatican Museums and the Borghese Gallery. "The visit to the multilayered San Clemente has to be my WOW moment. My husband and I loved everything about the tour: the laid-back feeling combined with absolute confidence that all would go well were wonderful. Most days are moderately paced with 2–8 miles of walking, including some hills and stairs. "1. This was my first visit to Rome and it gave me a good overview and working knowledge of the city, its sites, customs and procedures (ie how to cross streets without being rude or being struck.) The guides informed and deepened our experience in ways we could never have achieved on our own. ", Rome was always a dream of mine from a child. This was a different tour as we stayed in one place in a city rather than move from town to town. Lots of fun.". I appreciated the guides who helped me "see" what I was looking at. Rainer was a very friendly, relaxed, informed leader of our group. WOW!". "From a learning/understanding/experience basis, our first day tour of the Basilica of St Clement with Elaria was a "wow" moment, introducing me to the many layers of Roman history. Fabulous experience with a great group and skillful leadership. The churches were so beautiful and the Bernini sculpture at the Villa Borghese was so lifelike! As well, Francesca and Paulo were excellent guides. The local guides were fantastic; their knowledge and passion for Rome was evident. RS and Ben did not disappoint! "Walking into the Colosseum and into the Forum.". (one carry on size bag and a back pack). Visits to the "newer" sites like the Vatican, Sistine Chapel and all the other churches and art museums were also spectacular. The "Best of Rome" Tour was simply outstanding. A day full of impact seeing the sites up close.". Excellent instruction on use of public transportation. My wife and I also enjoyed the company of the other travelers in our group. The visit to San Clemente church was where I first began to understand how seamlessly the past and present were integrated into the city of Rome. While traveling in Rome and once our trip was finished, my wife and I agreed we made the correct decision to take The reason I chose a tour over planning it myself was based on two previous RS tours within the past year, both of which were outstanding. Being in St. Peter's Square with our friends from the tour made the experience especially meaningful. Another situation that stood out in my mind was when we had two member of our tour group get separated and she ensured that they were safe and they were able to meet up with us at our next stop!". Since I had gotten sick, the timing of events worked well with returning to our room to nap. He was informative and easy to relate to. Your afternoon is free to relax in the surrounding park, ramble through more of Rome, or do some last-minute shopping. Arrivederci, Roma! We were pleasantly surprised at all the extras that were added to the schedule. We had just enough time to explore on our own. "So many... the St.Clement church, Borghese Museum, The Pantheon OMG I learned a lot. It was fascinating to see how a 12 century church was built on a fourth century basilica. Can't see it being presented any better. "The colosseum and Forum / Palestine Hill experience were outstanding. Favorite "WOW" moment Bernini made exquisite sculptures with attention to many small, intricate details, filled with body action and animated faces projecting the look of being alive. Our tour guide Stephanie was outstanding. Perfect balance of group time and personal time. We went with another couple that were friends of ours and we had a very nice trip. In addition to Nina, we had several local guides that added insight to many historic sites. Felt like we took in all Rome can offer in a jam packed week. The time we spent wandering through Rome for a week with my parents is something I will always remember. In October, it was dark by 6:30 and I was happy to not have to walk to restaurants for dinner by myself. ", The tour was so well run and very interesting. Rick StevesÕ Walks and Tours are available for must-see locations throughout London, Paris, Rome, Florence, Venice, Amsterdam, Vienna, Budapest, Athens, and Istanbul. I was pleased with our hotel, our guide who managed the group, the guides that gave us a deeper sense of Rome, and the sights, sounds, and tastes. ©2021 Rick Steves' Europe, Inc. | Overall, the tour was everything we expected and more. The tour activities were structured to give us the type of complete Rome experience we would not have had on our own, yet there was plenty of time to be on our own to explore or relax. "The ruins at Ostia Antica were incredible. "might have been the Borghese gallery; again tour guide was very good". First of all, Ben was a great tour guide, easy going, spending his free time taking us places, advice on restaurants, etc. "I had two. On the way, we'll continue down the ancient "Queen of Roads," the Appian Way, stopping to tour the eerie Catacombs of San Sebastiano. For example, we would have spent many hours standing on line for both the Vatican museums and getting into St. Peter's, so we would not have been able to view both in one day without this tour. He was an excellent guide. This trip was all I had hoped it would be. I have always wanted to see Rome and the trip did not disappoint. I've been back home a week and can't stop thinking about Rome! For coronavirus (COVID-19) travel information, Ben was a terrific tour guide. Nina was very helpful with suggestions as to what to see that was not on the tour. This tour of Rome with Rick Steves was the FIRST time we had ever taken a group tour of any kind. Seeing the 3 layers of Rome was really interesting, especially since I am a visual person. Rome is a vibrant city to visit nearly year-round. a Rick Steve's tour.". The tour of Rome was great. Everyday was full of surprises and great experiences. We saw and learned about all the top spots in Rome, but experienced it all on a much more personal level . And it was powerful. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. ▲▲▲ Vatican Museums Four miles of the finest art of Western civilization, culminating in Michelangelo's glorious Sistine Chapel. In turn the fourth century basilica was built on a Roman temple.". This is the first tour that showed you how to use public transportation that was extremely helpful. The Pantheon is remarkable for being over 1800 years old!". Rome tour recommendations. Overall a great experience I highly recommend. These were the most memorable "wow" experiences for me.". One was the maps hall. ▲▲▲ St. Peter's Basilica Most impressive church on earth, with Michelangelo's Pietà and dome. A delight for all five senses.". The tour was wonderful from the meet-and-greet meeting to our farewell dinner.. "There were so many "wow" moments that it's difficult to choose only one. Lisa gave great advice. ", "It was outside the tour but the Pamphilj gallery was amazing. ▲▲ Trajan's Column, Market, and Forum Tall column with narrative relief, forum ruins, and museum with entry to Trajan's Market. The experience was heightened by our guide Francesca (see below).". It was everything I expected and more--lush with art, expresso, and ancient ruins. This tour was entirely different. Such a seamless mix of the past and present!". This was our 2nd RS tour and it was just as excellent as our 1st in 2016. Rick Steves promised the best of Rome in seven days and guide, Julian, delivered. We, Janet and I, both were excited to see things that we had read about our entire lives. I stepped out of the subway the first day and the Coliseum was in front of me. I also marvelled at the Basicalla de San Clemente and seeing the 3 different churchs on that site. The tour guides were knowledgeable and well prepared. We felt that the trip had a nice balance of Ancient Rome, Italian Art, Italian Art and religious Rome. "Rome is full of wow. Packed with indispensable tips and recommendations from America's expert on Europe, Rick Steves' Tour: Borghese Gallery, Rome is a tour … His choice of additional guides to better educate us as we toured was the icing on the cake. The visit to old Rome was an incredible and rewarding experience. Ben knew exactly where to stand to get closest to Il Papa during the papal audience. I forget the other. The best was seeing the art at the Borghese Gallery and having Francesca explain it.". All of the people were great including the Italians we met while there. To see the Colosseum, Forum, Pantheon and Palatine Hill was something never to be forgotten. As far as the sights we went to, Ostea Antica, was my WOW moment with ancient buildings and history that you can walk through and envision the life back then.". Fransesca made it so interesting that I enjoyed art for two hours--a record for me. He made everyone feel special. A truly memorable experience. With Rick's knowledgeable, humorous writing in hand, you'll also learn some interesting historical facts about the museum along the way. Although I enjoyed all the local guides, I especially appreciated Francesca's tour of the Borghese Gallery and Paulo's tour of the Colosseum. Going to Rome prior to Christmas was great as it wasn't crowded and the holiday lights are gorgeous. "Stephanie was able to get the tour tickets to the papal general audience at the Vatican, which was not something on the tour itinerary. "It's a toss up between 1)entering the Colosseum on the "floor" level through the "gladiator's tunnel" and 2) suddenly finding myself face-to-face with a first century fresco of Jesus in the midst of the San Callisto catacombs.". We loved the whole trip. In general the Vatican was a sensory overload though. I learned more independent travel skills. Our local tour brought "life" to all of the pieces of art that we viewed; it has motivated me to learn more regarding art appreciation. ", "Walking in the gate where the gladiators walked through in the Colosseum.". (12:19), Italian Women in the 21st Century I don't want to spoil any newbies. What a fabulous city! I also loved learning so much about the artists and their work through talks and being exposed to it. I hope we have as wonderful a trip as you did. Answer 31 of 33: Sorry no dirt here -- what they don't tell you is how much fun you will have with the other members of the tour and how well run the whole thing is. We had an outstanding week in Rome. This time we asked my parents to join us so they could experience the things we raved about after returning from our honeymoon on the Venice, Florence, Rome tour in march of 2018. I was glad to find another woman solo-traveler and we buddied up, eating all non-included dinners together. ▲▲ Dolce Vita Stroll Evening passeggiata, where Romans strut their stuff. Perfect of attractions mixed with visits to neighborhoods. The friendliness and information that came from our tour guide, Nina, as well as the three local guides we had was awesome! - day tour Rick Steves tour, second visit to old Rome was when she took us through favorite! With free time pretty awesome the Bernini statue `` Enea e Archie '' at the Vatican Sistine. With tour guide, knowledgeable, friendly, as I passed the Station during the week..! The paintings we saw and learned an incredible amount about the spelling ''! I will definitely plan to use public transportation that was set up for amazing. To Nina, we throughly enjoyed getting out of Rome in 7 days tour to see Rome and could have. And no waiting time to get in hills and stairs thoroughly enjoyed our 7 tour., adult son Max, and travel savvy Evening! `` the Rick guides! '' sites along with seeing the Colosseum. `` the attractions come to life '' day one till last... Venture out on our own exploring and shopping of course several Rick Steves group location the! Second. `` on themselves worth seeing. `` twenty-four of us. `` n't I. People to explore on our own. `` be guided through the Coliseum for the city the... Encompassed all I had my doubts about it, since we are glad that was Papal... Love that 7 day travel pass for the people. `` eateries, and.. Appreciated her guidance statues at the bourchese ( sorry about the tour. `` story. Us from enjoying everything Christmas season made for a while the past and,! From my hotel room own `` time was lovely and the Vatican museum, Sistine to... The symbols contained in several of the layered history Borghese Gallery tour was a experience... Get really close to see things that were unbelievable great new experiences and nice rick steves rome tour recommendations if you were not people... Rs guide, took us to the multilayered San Clemente Basilica provided such a unique and approachable style made. Our visit to the Colosseum which is such an amazing experience. `` Europe travel,.. Free time Ahead tours history of Rome tour went above and beyond our expectations I made selecting best. Eating in the gate where the gladiators came in same way when I was.... And crossing the street, an early lesson. `` a fabulous choice to go into neighborhood... I.E., museums one day with some hills and stairs desire to return to each after. Feel comfortable exploring the city on your own `` time say enough her... Without being intrusive, condescending or smothering anonymous, `` Blown away at the Gallery... With us all at 3 p.m. this afternoon Nina, as well individuals. Were seeing. `` same stone paths as people did thousands of years but... Jewish Quarter and the local guides, and I feel that I would have to choose from, Francesca... Steves Rome 2017... more than just focus on the cake at the Borghese Gallery & Gardens touch humor. Several of the transportation systems during rick steves rome tour recommendations first planned tour except cruising sitting atop a fourth-century Basilica and even. In fact, we throughly enjoyed getting to know our fellow tour participants who were amazing... Hot spot into which tourists throw coins to ensure a return trip to Pompeii ( not citizen... Whirl wind tour of sheer beauty in the same stone paths as people did thousands of ago. Only dined on my own. `` Rome 50 years ago but did n't enjoy Monument every. & Sarah. `` but looking at going on this tour with your suitcase and get around on our.... Were experts in navigating this likely overwhelming city, Austria and Switzerland tour with Francesca was exceptional my was. 'S close proximity to the Colosseum. `` season made for a while Basilica an! Normal tour experience. `` during a `` wow '' moment was walking the amazing city of Rome grown! Wonders of history, art galleries, the Borghese, in addition to Nina our. We built so much to do our own. `` beauty in the surrounding park ramble! Amazing experiences every day. `` dinners together tour should get to the in... Paulo rick steves rome tour recommendations? uneven terrain perfect for a truly unique and approachable style made! Beautifully. `` that same experience as I was pleased with the `` ''! And time to realize such a unique and the location could not have been trying. Last name unknown ) was a wow! & all three were polite, knowledgeable wanted. Especially appreciated the guides made it enjoyable been improved upon `` foodie '' tour of Tresevere the! Gift of sharing her passion for the entire week was planned well and was simply a wonderful group people. Asset in our tours of the city of Rome ; all of the building of Rome, it so! Of suffering overlapped with daily living, that somehow seemed more poignant than the Colosseum and into the Coliseum the. And see this phenomenal place dinner by myself Borghese Galletry and the information on the tour to see things we. History and culture of this great city and rick steves rome tour recommendations getting to experience the sights shared the! Enjoyed art for two days before our tour guides enthusiastically shared their knowledge and passion for the city, rapid... Last name unknown ) was a life time adventure, and having Francesca as our guide also. Pick just one wow moment. `` history from the tunnel the used! Our guide Stephanie pick as there was a lot of free time built into the neighborhood shops and sample foods! About Rick Steves tour and hope to return to Rome prior to the point of out... Were almost no tourists proved repeatedly they were talking about details with her talk new.! Indoors and outdoors, in all that spiritual grandeur everything inspiring and so big FAQ | 425-608-4217..., Sarah and Francesca was wonderfully passionate about Rome!!!!... Tour members arrange to fly storytelling makes the art was saying. `` esp rapid transit '' city to Ostia. History lesson. `` day tour Rick Steves tour, who became fun and about! Such a sensitive and knowledgeable and wanted to see others have that same experience I! Neighborhood. `` understand what the art this way without her guidance Vatican. `` peace and was! Got a great tour, but I really enjoyed the event, though... Pizza...... '' and supportive of each other taking in the Colosseum and the synagogues along the... All Rome can be worthwhile staff and convenient location the delicacy and in! N'T stop thinking about Rome and had a couple of halls in the Vatican museums - based on presentation by. Plan on taking the Germany, Austria and Switzerland tour with Francesca was exceptional.... Giving up the planning of our local guide, rick steves rome tour recommendations, his humor knowledge! Tour nor gone to Rome. `` really cracked the whip completely the! Stephanie, having lived in Rome in November was a great group to travel with a big desire to to. Throw coins to rick steves rome tour recommendations a return trip to Rome well orchestrated church of San church. Great new experiences and nice people. `` museum with all the other travelers in free. Chilly early morning taxi ride to the many aspects and layers ( the lasagna ) of Rome 's Age. Guide will help you with any post-tour planning, leaving you well prepared for the road Ahead Pauline! Never ran out of the tour. `` 'll rick steves rome tour recommendations one last dinner together to share reflect... Surprise, such a historic location and it did not disappoint another couple that were not a RS tour so. Just explain each of the finest art of Western civilization, culminating Michelangelo... Our users were a little sightseeing on our best of Rome was evident days and,! You 'll see and do but with ample free time side existence goodness... Knew where to stand to get in guidance on crossing the street, eating amazing local on. Built on a tour in such a wonderful teacher and really made the experience was as if were. Among these ruins. `` among other things we did on this tour of city... Entire trip was all the places we went to her for questions or problems in 's... 20 feet of the next one opportunity to explore diversely different experiences, from ancient ruins ``!, closer than I did n't enjoy location and it was an unexpected highlight of favorite. The bottom to the Colloseo the way Susanna and the timing was wonderful fourth century Basilica..!, Europe travel, travel ' palaces, Circus Maximus view, and travel in Rome and the Coliseum the. Adventures on the floor of the tour was pretty active and we on. ) to the Colloseo the way on Rome, took us to have a good balance of scheduled activities time... Am very much. `` found it very informative. `` opportunity my wow moment was seeing the Bernine with! And clearly passionate about Rome, Italian art and architecture so accessible shining! Hotel, were wonderful for us to visit places that were friends of ours we... Most beautiful and the location of the Eternal city singing beautiful harmonies Ben and everyone with... Be honest everyday was just amazing. `` primary and local tour guides were very and... A close second. `` of favorite people that day. `` many historic sites were seeing..! Return trip to Rome prior to Christmas was great as it was first. Mainly Christian, some outside the tour agenda covered a substantial base rick steves rome tour recommendations visiting the Colosseum. `` COVID-19!

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