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Affiliate disclosure: As an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases on Amazon.com. Why? Seriously,why?About 10 years ago books used to be so much more cheaper and better quality!Even the hard covers didnt have a big difference in price compared to soft covers.I've seen some thin soft covers that cost about $40 and dont get me started on school books, its ridiculous. (This happened with The Protestant Interest, for example.). Jung’s Red Book isn’t pitched at entry level. And whether you own a Kindle or not, you’re getting as reduced of a price as I can reasonably offer. Now, let’s look at the paperback version. You see a lot of results online from people who use red light to regrow hair and it seems to be a lot safer than using drugs like finesteride and minoxidil, I really don't fancy low libido and low mood etc So with your example, that is 75,000 USD that the publisher can bank on. for the press to set a lower price! Copyright © 2021 The Gospel Coalition, INC. All Rights Reserved. Why those authors sell the most copies is another topic for another time. Millions of electronic, audio, and physical books are available across America for free due to libraries, websites, and people exchanging books (eg, Paperback Swap). As an individual consumer, the presses simply do not expect you to buy a $70 book. Any sales above this are just a bonus. The Big Red Book of American Lutherie Volume Five, 1997-1999 $ 45.00 – $ 50.00 Select options The Big Red Book of American Lutherie Volume Four, 1994-1996 $ 45.00 – $ 50.00 Select options The Big Red Book of American Lutherie Volume One, 1985-1987 The reason behind that price is a balancing act between making money for me and saving money for readers. (This happened with The Protestant Interest, for example.) Red is usually associated with feelings like lust, courage, passion, anger and fear. Some might say, “Well, if they did not price it so … This was a long time coming. But we also have to factor in two important differences to the Kindle version. But yes, a large book with numerous color plates is going to be expensive partly because it's far more costly to make, ship, and store, and partly because the runs are typically very limited. The color red is one of the most primal colors in our world, thanks to its association with blood. available in paperback format with the updated covers and updated stories. It’s a little lower than what I am getting for my Kindle version. Because there are production costs involved (paper, binding, ink, handling, delivery), your profit is getting cut into right there. In a bookstore, that’s easily a $25 book. Sometimes, if you’re not directly involved with the industry, it can be hard to understand why certain pricing decisions are made. Red was an expensive color in 17th-century France because at the time, the dye was made from a little bug found in Mexican cactus, the cochineal. That high price is (hopefully) their way of breaking even. Overall, I liked All Systems Red, but I wish it was a longer book. It recounts and comments upon the author's psychological experiments between 1913 and 1916, and is based on manuscripts (journals), known as Black Books, first drafted by Jung in 1913–15 and 1917. If they price the book at 40 USD, then their guaranteed income is 24,000 USD. It specifies every feature a disc must possess to be able to call itself a CD-Audio disc. In print format, Framed is a 284-page book. It’s 279 pages long, and I can offer it via Kindle for $2.99. I owe him a lot. Christian Nationalism vs. Christian Patriotism, American Christians and Islam: From the Colonial Era to the Post-9/11 World, The English Quaker Who Subverted the Bible’s Authority. It still beats going to the bookstore. Please make sure all fields are filled out. If I charge less than that, my royalty rate is cut down by more than half. Part of the appeal is that the down-filled jackets are very high quality and keep people warm. If we don’t support such books, the number of sub-$30 books will continue to shrink, until the only choices left are the Dan Browns and Joel Osteens of the publishing world. Related products. The materials for making a book couldn't have become that pricey since then. That’s a nice-sized book. At $12.99, I only make a few bucks on each paperback. The end result? George Whitefield: America’s Spiritual Founding Father, Quiet Subversion After a Chaotic Election, 80 Years Ago C. S. Lewis Warned Against Making Faith a Means to a Political End, Why Those Who Mourn Are Blessed in God’s Kingdom. 1535 Coverdale Bible (First Edition of the First Printed Bible in English) — $695,000.00. A Little Red Bug. I know this personally, as someone who has at times appealed (begged?) Why is this book so expensive? And Amazon takes their cut after this is taken out. The Red Book: Liber Novus is a red leather‐bound folio manuscript crafted by the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung between 1915 and about 1930. So why are Canada Goose jackets so expensive? Hallelujah! The plot reads like a thriller and should be filled with twists and turns, but is fairly straightforward — I would have loved a little more mystery. Take Framed, for example – the first book in my Hardwick series. That means higher prices so that publishers can recoup the costs and make a profit. The first words of Carl Gustav Jung's Red Book are "The way of what is to come.". The Big Red Book of American Lutherie Volume Three, 1991-1993. I also have a handful of friends who like to gift books, and they have gifted my books in the past, which is terribly nice of them. Students are finding ways to avoid paying sky-high prices Renting textbooks is … And second – and more importantly – there’s a bunch of overhead here. In print format, Framed is a 284-page book. So I ~ along with millions of others worldwide ~ am tantalized by the upcoming publication of Jung’s Red Book, a massive tome he wrote about 100 years ago and which has been secreted away in a Swiss bank vault for many of those years. Given that choice, I trust we’d all go with an in-print but costly book. I have a lot of readers who are fans, but would really prefer the paperback versions of my books. If the book sells reasonably well, or if it seems to have potential for course adoptions, the press might come out later with a less expensive paperback edition. Please stop complaining, then, to authors of high-priced books. That's why you're here, right? Marketing Costs: 15% The publisher of our text reported $32 million spent on advertising for all products company-wide; overall, about 15% of a publisher's budget for a book … But we also have to factor in two important differences to the Kindle version. It’s virtually the same profit I get from selling the Kindle version. Written by Tom Meitner, your favorite author. Why College Textbooks are so Expensive and How to Avoid Overpaying for Them college Just like college tuition, the price of textbooks has increased dramatically in recent years. It’s the raw, private record of Jung’s trip into his own dreaming mind or unconscious. Initially, CD’s could only be made by complex and expensive manufacturing processes. Amazon is very upfront with the costs of printing and delivering the book. Because I am running a business here, I do want to keep my royalty rate as high as I can get it. First, it is important to understand that no author—or at least no author I know—sets the price of his or her book. Amazon dictates their fees and they dictate the printing costs. Under Amazon’s current system, $2.99 is the minimum price I need to charge for the higher royalty rate. Context is everything in this case. It’s actually one of the reasons I don’t buy paper books much anymore. The book may be a blockbuster contribution to its field, and may even be pretty readable, but if the press does not regard it as a trade book, it will not be marketed and sold as such. At long last, I have finally updated all of my books to be available in paperback format with the updated covers and updated stories! It’s a wizard’s book. I can sympathize with them. It holds special emotional meaning for cultures around the world. The book that has sold most copies over $1 million is John James Audubon 's The Birds of America (1827–1838), which is represented by eight different copies in this list.

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